Top 8 Most Fatally Negligent Gamer Parents of All Time People

Top 8 Most Fatally Negligent Gamer Parents of All Time

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"You guys, suicide's not funny...especially when it happens to babies. I was watching my friend's baby recently. And I ran him a bath, then went outside to play video games and when I came back the baby had drowned himself. No note! No note, just a selfish act. Just a selfish, selfish act."-- Comedian, Nick Swardson. Here's a list of the top 8 most neglectful idiot parents who inadvertently killed their children because they were too busy playing video games (and, for the most part, being complete idiots). Be warned, some of these stories are tough to read.

Who are some of the most fatally negligent video game parents of all time? Take a look at this list and you'll see when babies die when their parents play video games. Note to parents: if you have an infant, you should probably be paying attention to them and not your gaming system.
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    Mother Kills Infant for Interrupting Farmville Game

    Alexandra V. Tobias, whose haunting, lifeless, Forest Whitaker stare you will never be able to unsee, was playing Farmville on Facebook, like any healthy psychopath does, when she was (rudely) interrupted by her 3-month old baby's (incessant) crying (most likely because it probably hadn't been fed for a day and a half or because it knew that its mom was playing Farmville instead of, you know, RAISING it.)

    Alexandra was in the middle of an intense game of Farmville , where she was most likely deciding how much money to spend on her latest crop of fake tomatoes, so naturally, any interruption had to be met with swift justice and a steady, iron hand.

    She shook her young, 3-month old baby, as any suitable mother knows to do, in order to get her rage out/to calm him down. She then took a smoke break to compose herself (no, really she actually did this) and shook him again, like that one scene in Airplane! only in real life, with a baby and sadder.

    After the second shaking, the baby was dead, as it had been rattled/shaken to death.

    A woman shook her baby to death because the baby interrupted Farmville. That's right, FARMVILLE.

    Here's a video that describes exactly why this is the most absurd game that could possibly lead to this type of behavior. Maybe if it was a first person shooter, maybe if it were an MMORPG where thousands of hours of work were at stake, or maybe even if it was a real "game", would this have made absolutely ANY sense (and even then, it wouldn't), but the fact that she lost her sense of control because her baby interrupted what is arguably the worst game (worst thing? Let's go with worst "thing") in the history of games, is what adds insult to this very, very tragic injury.

    According to Mashable, some "players" of the overhyped, overused Tomagochi syndicate known as "Farmville" have found it so addicting that they’ve lost their jobs and racked up debts heavier than $1,000 trying to rack up points in a thankless, terrible and fake environment where fun and real gaming go to die (Farmville).

    Click here for more on the story.

  2. 2

    Father Kills Baby for Interrupting EverQuest Game

    Tony Lamont Bragg Sr., 24, was playing EverQuest, probably to gain some more bragging rights (amirite?!) and got annoyed that his 9-month-old son was crying; because how DARE he want food, water, attention or "parenting"?

    Bragg squeezed Tony Jr. to keep him quiet, because it had worked with rabbits in a book he'd read (the Cliff's notes to in high school). When this wasn't enough to allow him to go back to his "Lord of the Rings with boobs" video game, he decided to continue on his kick of "Father of the Year" by then leaving the child in a utility closet in their Temple Terrace apartment... for safe keeping.

    After a while, it turns out that the infant's heart had been punctured, causing him to bleed to death internally.

    His ribs and left collarbone were fractured, because his father was pulling too much Agro to be bothered with the welfare of a human being for whom he was in charge. Bragg discovered his son by his playpen at least 24 hours after the child died when he was going to take the child to a relative's house, because everybody knows that you only have to mind, feed or pay attention to a child about once every 24 hours and it'll be TOTALLY fine.

    Bragg faces 15 years in prison.

    You can read more on this disturbing story here.

  3. 3

    Father Leaves Twins to Drown in Bath While He Plays GameBoy

    Gregg J. Kleinmark left his 10-month-old fraternal twins Drew and Bryn Kleinmark unattended in a bathtub for 30 minutes, in order to go three rooms away and play on his Game Boy Advance console, because the best way to wash children is to treat them like white plates that've had spaghetti marinara on them.

    As the man went into another room to play a Game Boy Advance for 30 minutes (because clearly, a handheld entertainment system cannot POSSIBLY be moved into another room), he came back to find that he had let his two children drown in the bathtub.

    Maybe his Gameboy was low on battery, so he decided to play with it plugged in in another room, so as to not put his children in danger?... Maybe this is giving Kleinmark too much credit.

    Kleinmark, wracked with guilt, has tried to kill himself twice and faces up to 10 years in prison.

    You can read more details here.

  4. 4

    Toddler Shoots Herself with What She Thought Was a Wii Remote

    This is why we can't have nice things, America.

    A 3-year old toddler whose parents allowed her to play shooting games on the Wii, and whose parents also had an extremely non-Nintendo approved aftermarket realistic looking game controller/gun, mistook a real gun for the gun-like Wii controller she was used to and ended up shooting herself in the chest, thinking she was playing the game she had grown to love and trust.

    The step-dad had gone to check on what he thought was a possible intruder in their home with a gun in hand. He was so tired from that probably minutes-long workout that he went back in, set the gun (loaded, live) on the table, then went to bed, comfortable in the fact that he and his daughter were safe from intruders.

    Clearly, it was negligence that killed this child. That and a person who thinks teaching a toddler how to use a realistic toy gun would in any way benefit them.

    Watch the awful video and read more about the family and the incident here.

  5. 5

    Korean Baby Left to Starve While Parents Raised Virtual Child

    A Korean couple who lost their jobs and for some reason cared way too much about the fact that they gave birth to a premature child, spent an inordinate amount of time playing the popular online multiplayer game Prius Online (which has nothing to do with saving energy, unless you count not going outside).

    What's the point of this game? Well, it's kind of like Second Life. If you haven't heard of Second Life, it's basically a simulated life game in which you take on a new personality, and live that character's life by taking care of it on a regular basis. The couple had originally met online.

    The couple devoted most of their free time to raising a virtual girl called Anima, whom they loved very much. The character was well-fed, well taken care of, and easy to manage because they could just turn it off after they were done with it. After a 12 hour gaming session, though, they came home to find their REAL baby dead. Autopsy reports say the baby died of malnourishment.

    So, in lieu of raising their actual child, who at that point in her life needed nourishment and the care/love of parents more than anything else in the world, the couple decided to focus on a virtual child with elf ears that dresses like a Harajuku girl, because in this world you have to have your priorities straight.


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