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8 Pro Athletes Convicted of Murder

Being a sports star can be murder. It can apparently also drive you to commit murder. Which athletes have been convicted of murder? Here are the eight most bloodthirsty pro-athletes who have been convicted of murder for reasons as silly as a traffic dispute all the way to murdering underworld crime bosses... which would be an awesome job title, minus the whole murder thing... It's kinda shocking that there were more than eight murderous athletes, but I kept the list for now to the most interesting sports star killers.

Pro athletes should have enough money to hire hit men if they must kill, you know? And if you are getting paid boo koo bucks to be a pro athlete, WTF are you so angry about anyhow? But these jocks aren't the brightest bulbs in professional athletics, as evidenced by their stories below. Be on the lookout for a sequel if this list of murderous athletes is a hit.
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  1. Rae Carruth, ( Click Here for more gory details on Carruth) whose head is shaped like he wears a Halloween Coneheads bald cap (but we ASSURE you, this is his real head) former first-round draft pick for the Carolina Panthers, was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder against his lady Cherica Adams, who was shot four times in a drive-by shooting.

    Adams, who was pregnant with Carruth's child at the time, later died at the hospital, however the baby (named Chancellor Lee Adams) survived after being delivered by cesarean section.

    After the shooting, Carruth posted his $3 million bail and was allowed out under the condition that if either his child or Adams's died, that he would turn himself in (seriously, who made that deal?). After Adams's passing, Carruth became a fugitive and was justly let-go from the Panthers and was later found hiding in a car trunk in Tennessee surrounded by candy bars, jars of his own pee, and shame.

    Kind of says a lot about the Panthers when you can hide one of them in a trunk. You shouldn't be able to fit one of these guys in a pick-up, let alone a trunk.

    Carruth (DOC #0712822) was sentenced to 18 to 24 years in prison and his projected release date is October 22, 2018.

    ( Source )
    about... Age: 41
    Nationality: United States of America
    Birthplace: Sacramento, California, United States of America
    Rae Carruth : see more
  2. Robert Rozier (a.k.a. Robert Rameses)

    Robert Rozier, former member of the St. Louis Cardinals (for which he only played six games after being released on suspicion of drugs... "suspicion"... wow, THOSE were the days) later became a member of "The Brotherhood" cult led by Yahweh ben Yahweh in Miami during the 1980s.

    The cult, comprised of members from an off-shoot of black supremacists from the Black Hebrew Israelite religion, believed that God is black, that true Jews are black and that whites are the 'devil.' You know, your typical peaceful religion.

    Oh, except for the part where to prove one's worthiness to the cult, each member had to kill a 'white devil,' and provide proof.

    Ever the overachiever, Rozier confessed to killing seven white people and was arrested and charged on October 31, 1986.

    Rozier was sentenced to 22 years, but only served ten after agreeing to testify against Yahweh and was later put in the witness protection program.

    However, in 1999, he was arrested in Canada (how embarrassing) for attempting to pass a bad check and was again arrested under the 'third strike' law, being sentenced to 25 years to life. Because when you're trying to stay "off the grid" the best currency to use is the one with your name, number, and address on it.

    about... Nationality: United States
  3. Evangelos Goussis, an ex-Australian boxer and kick-boxer, is currently employed as a lawn mower... at the maximum security Acacia unit at Barwon Prison.

    While his career was at its height, Goussis was the Kickboxing World Association middleweight champion and was a boxing contender for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, though he didn't qualify. But still, that's a pretty good gig.

    In 2004, Goussis was convicted and tried for two murders in Melbourne during the Melbourne gangland killings, in which he shot both Lewis Cain and Lew Moran in the head. Goussis claimed it was self defense with the Cain trial, saying Cain shot at him first, but the gun jammed. However, he shot Moran point blank in the back of the head (no claiming self defense there!). He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of a 30-year non parole period. It was probably all worth it though, right?
    about... Age: 48
    Nationality: Greece, Austrailia
    Birthplace: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
    Evangelos Goussis : see more
  4. Esteban De Jesús was a lightweight champion boxer who turned professional in 1969 and gained fame for being the first person to beat Roberto Duran as a professional. He reigned as the World Boxing Council (WBC) lightweight champion from May 8, 1976 until 21 January 21, 1978.

    After ending his boxing career with 57 wins (32 by knock-out) and 5 losses, De Jesús was convicted of murdering a 17-year-old boy after a traffic dispute over Thanksgiving weekend, 1981. So if you're ever around a boxing event and you see a parking spot, please be polite and let anyone who wants it to have it, especially if they look like they may be on coke (which De Jesús was).

    While in prison, De Jesús became a star baseball player for the Puerto Rico penal system and a born-again Christian, probably because it just kinda made sense given his name. He later later became a preacher.

    While in prison, De Jesús contracted HIV and was sequentiality pardoned by the then governor and was released from prison one month before dying at his home from AIDS...and it allll started with a traffic dispute.

    De Jesus died at 37. Click here for the full story on him and why you should never eff with a guy bigger than you in traffic.
    about... Age: Died at 38 (1951-1989)
    Nationality: Puerto Rico
    Birthplace: Carolina, Puerto Rico
    Esteban de Jesús : see more
  5. Leslie Hylton

    Leslie Hylton was a West-Indian and Jamaican cricket player and known for the Test matches he played in the 1930's. 

    He was convicted and hanged for the murder of his wife, Lurlene, in 1955. Hylton claimed he was trying to shoot himself, but missed and shot her instead. A likely story, which is apparently what the jurors thought as well.
    about... Age: Died at 50 (1905-1955)
    Nationality: Jamaica, West Indies
    Birthplace: Jamaica
    Leslie Hylton : see more
  6. A former Lotte Marines baseball pitcher, Hiroshi Ogawa was sentenced to life in prison in September 2005 after stealing 1.75 million Yen from the chairman of an industrial waste company that he used to work for, as well as the murder of the chairman's housekeeper. Being in debt, Ogawa went inside the chairman's house and demanded that the housekeeper allow him to "borrow" the money. When she refused, he pushed her, knocking her unconscious, stole the money, and drove her to a pond, where he dumped her to drown. Lesson learned here, folks. Always lend the money.
    about... Age: 53
    Nationality: Japan
    Birthplace: Japan
    Hiroshi Ogawa : see more
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