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9 Pro Athletes Convicted of Murder

Being a sports star can be murder. It can apparently also drive you to commit murder. Which athletes have been convicted of murder? Here are the eight most bloodthirsty pro-athletes who have been convicted of murder for reasons as silly as a traffic dispute all the way to murdering underworld crime bosses... which would be an awesome job title, minus the whole murder thing... It's kinda shocking that there were more than eight murderous athletes, but I kept the list for now to the most interesting sports star killers.

Pro athletes should have enough money to hire hit men if they must kill, you know? And if you are getting paid boo koo bucks to be a pro athlete, WTF are you so angry about anyhow? But these jocks aren't the brightest bulbs in professional athletics, as evidenced by their stories below. Be on the lookout for a sequel if this list of murderous athletes is a hit.

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  1. A former Lotte Marines baseball pitcher, Hiroshi Ogawa was sentenced to life in prison in September 2005 after stealing 1.75 million Yen from the chairman of an industrial waste company that he used to work for, as well as the murder of the chairman's housekeeper. Being in debt, Ogawa went inside the chairman's house and demanded that the housekeeper allow him to "borrow" the money. When she refused, he pushed her, knocking her unconscious, stole the money, and drove her to a pond, where he dumped her to drown. Lesson learned here, folks. Always lend the money.

  2. Bertil Fox

    The Arnold Schwarzenegger of St. Kitt, one of the easternmost islands in the Caribbean, Bertil Fox was a champion body builder, winning every major contest outside the IFBB in London before relocating to Los Angeles and finally, St. Kitt. 

    In September 1997, Fox was tried and convicted of killing former girlfriend, Leyoca Browne and her mother, Violet inside of Violet's clothing shop in St. Kitt. Fox pleaded that it was an accidental shooting when he struggled over his pistol with Violet. However, Fox's best friend Edmund Tross testified saying, "He said he had shot Leyoca and her mother. He said Leyoca's mother was pushing him out the door. At that point he pulled out the gun and started shooting." Tross admitted that Fox never said anything about the shooting being in self defense, and the seamstress who testified also incriminated Fox. He was sentenced to life in prison without bail.  

  3. Mark "Gator" Rogowski was a professional skateboarder in the 1980's and early 1990s who achieved a sense of fame and status, until the early '90s when skateboarding moved from the vert-style, which he was accustomed to, to street-style, which had the same kind of effect that Bob Dylan going from Folk to Rock had.

    This waning of popularity and the changing of his name to "Gator," Mark Anthony (saying that his father was never a real part of his life) are seen as the triggers to his eventful downfall, marked most notably by a conversion to strict born-again Evangelicalism after a dangerous drunken accident in Germany.

    During this time, Rogowski also broke-up with his long-term girlfriend, at which point he began to obsessively stalk her and her new boyfriends... aaaand then some crazy(er) s**t started happening.

    On March 21, 1991, Rogowski spent the day with old-friend Jessica Bergsten who was later reported missing. Her body was eventually found in the Californian desert, although a proper identification was impossible due to the decomposed state of her body. Rogowski later pled guilty to beating Bergsten with a 'Club,' raping her, and stuffing her body in a bag and smothering her with his hand to eventually stop her breathing.

    Rogowski was sentenced to 31 years in prison and is first eligible for parole this year, so any ladies out there reading this should definitely watch their online dating habits like a hawk. And clearly, anyone thinking of becoming a born-again should think twice (Gator and De Jesús twice), unless, you know, they like going to jail for murder.


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