Top 8 Rebound Relationships in Video Game History Video Games
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Top 8 Rebound Relationships in Video Game History

Video game characters go through some of the most arduous emotional torture in all of fiction and through their travels and turmoil, often end up settling romantically for second-best. From losing their only love and turning to kidnapping to taking their brother's sloppy seconds to spending endless quests on the search for someone who's never there, here are the most iconic rebound relationships in video game history.

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    Bowser & Peach

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    I know what you're thinking, "They're not in a relationship!"

    But take a second and think, why does Bowser keep kidnapping her?

    It certainly is not to rule the mushroom kingdom alone or else he would just have had her killed. For an answer to this question, let us look to Super Mario Bros 3, where it is revealed that Bowser has 7 teenage children. And if we assume the timing of the games between 1 and 3 is a matter of only a few years, he already had these kids, who in Mario 3 are in their tweens, when he first kidnapped Peach.

    All of this leads us to this conclusion: Bowser/King Koopa only kidnapped Peach so that his kids could have a mother. The poor guy's got 7 mouths to feed (and not to mention Bowser Jr. later on) and in the midst of all that, guess what? They need a mother.

    I, for one, have always wondered... who made Bowser a father?

    Well, let's assume he's not an asexual being that produces children out of his own loins by inseminating himself and then giving a kind of a "virgin" birth kind of thing.

    Let's actually assume his wife and/or special lady died (probably in a horrible bridge/lava accident) and Bowser didn't know what to do until he fell hard for a princess who reminded him of his dead wife and decided she would be the soul mate to help him raise his brood.

    You put endless amounts of security detail all over your kingdom to protect your new family, but some horny, drug-addled Italian douchebag keeps getting in the way of you raising your 7 kids.

    Bowser is the biggest perpetual Rebounder in video game history in that not only is this feasible, but it fuels the plots for the most popular, iconic games in video games, which have actually become synonymous with the medium.

    The video embedded here is an example of the huge/terrifying amount of fanfiction out there devoted to this love story -- set to heavy Metal (of course!)

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