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Top 9 Landmarks to Visit in Iceland

If you are thinking about taking a vacation in Europe then you can do so in Iceland where nature goes beyond resorts and beaches. Fortunately, unlike many other countries most of the tourist attractions that the country has to offer require no entrance fees. The best time to visit Iceland is in the summer.
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    Blaa Lonid (Blue Lagoon)

    This is a popular health center in the southwestern part of Iceland which hosts a pool known as the Blue Lagoon. This so happens to be a spa in the middle of lava filled with strikingly blue waters. This is one of the arm areas of the country as oppose to the snow-filled impression that the name of the country implies.
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    You may want to go and check out the Dettifoss after visiting the Jokulsargljufur National Park. There is a powerful waterfall waiting for you at Dettifoss and it is one of the best ones to be found anywhere in Europe.
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    Northern Lights

    Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights – The "midnight sun" have been talked about in many books and it has even been discussed in a lot of schools. If you want to view such a sight in which the sun is still up even at midnight, then come to Iceland as you will not find such an occurrence in any other country.
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    Iceland has man geothermal spots, two of which are Stokkur and Geysir, which are a couple kilometers to the western side of the Golden Falls. Visiting Geysir is the safer of the two as it almost never erupts, as oppose to Strokkur which erupts every couple of minutes. However, it will be a great sight and a good photo if you stand from a distance that is safe.
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    You may also visit east of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, in order to reach the Golden Falls, the Hvita river feeds this breathtaking waterfall and it runs down a twofold cascade in order to create one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.
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