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Which Action Star Would You Want to Back You in A Fight?

List Criteria: Vote UP who you would want to have your back in a fist fight!

Fist fights are going to happen. Maybe someone insulted the honor of your lady, or is rooting against your sports team, or accidentally knocked your frozen yogurt on the floor. Who better to have your back than an A-list action star who can throw down!?!? Sure, some action stars are just great big phonies (cough, cough, Tom Cruise, cough cough.) However, there are some actions stars who really know how to have your back if sh*t hits the fan. 

There are some new guys on the block who are built like houses. Kellan Lutz, for example, looks like he wrestles bears on weekends. Some of the older guys still got it. If Jean-Claude Van Damme can still do splits on moving trucks, he can still land one of his legendary roundhouse kicks to the side of your enemies' face. Don't count out the women, either. Michelle Rodriquez could easily knock out the the teeth of anyone who messes with her. 

Remember, this isn't about who is best action star (that list is here.) You want to vote for who is a real-life badass that you wouldn't hesitate if something went down!

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    Jason Statham fell out of a helicopter, landed on concrete, and survived! Sure, it was just a movie, but I like to think he could repeat the act in real life. Statham is one of the few actors in Hollywood who does all his own stunts. Sometimes things go wrong, like when he almost drowned filming Expendables 3. Jason lived a shady life at one point, selling black market goods to make money. That isn't something you do without being able to protect yourself against back-alley scumbags.

    - Martial Arts expert.
    - Performs all his own stunts.
    - A Spiderman-Man villain was designed to look like Jason Statham.

    - ????????

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