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Top ABDL (AB/DL) Websites

List Criteria: Current ABDL Sites. Sites that have/are building a community. PLEASE VOTE ! It's Just for Fun !

A List of the best ABDL Websites. Mail me or leave a comment below if I have missed one and I will add.
It would be great if you could help spread the word on the poll too :D
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NB I'm looking for sites that have/are building a community.
Personal Blogs are unlikely to be included here but can be found here :
and here

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    Daily Diapers Daily Diapers is the premiere community for Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Big Kids, Mommies and Daddies featuring over 24,500 FREE photos of diapered women, men and couples; Plus stories, diaper reviews, videos, personal ads,

    ) open
  2. 2
    + 299
    - 142

    ABDLmatch is a dating site for the Adult Baby Diaper Lovers Community. We are proud to say that the site was made for us and by us. We offer the the slickest platform offering instant

    ) open
  3. 3
    + 357
    - 211

    FetLife FetLife is a FREE Social Network for the BDSM & fetish community.

    ) open
  4. 4
    + 165
    - 83

    ABDLvids  Watch our huge collection of over 900 handpicked Adultbaby & Diaperlover Videos.ABDLvids spots the best ABDL videos and they are being added every day. You can also upload or suggest a

    ) open
  5. 5
    + 116
    - 57

    ABDL Reddit This subreddit is dedicated to all things related to Age Play, Adult Diapers/Nappies, Diaper Lovers and Adult Baby. 5/9/2013 

    ) open
  6. 6
    + 115
    - 57

    DPRTube The Adult baby and Diaper Lover video site YouTube for abdls share rate comment and upload DPRtube Diaper Yourself. 6th Sept 2013

    ) open
  7. 7
    + 141
    - 97

    Diaper-Bois An AB/DL community dedicated to gay guys into diapers!

    ) open
  8. 8
    + 112
    - 73

    ABDL Community  This is a website devoted to the AB/DL Community. This community often gets a bad rap with the misinterpretation that it is about real babies or children, it's not. It's about diapers and adult

    ) open
  9. 9
    + 145
    - 114

    RU Padded   We are one of the largest AB/DL and Diaper Fetish social networking sites on the internet and our goal is to bring people that share these interests together. We do this by allowing members to

    ) open
  10. 10
    + 132
    - 107

    ADISC ´╗┐ is a supportive, social community, catering mainly to adults who wear diapers.Our members are: Adult Babies (ABs: adults who act babyish for fun)Diaper Lovers (DLs: people who enjoy wearing

    ) open
  11. 11
    + 114
    - 99

    DL Boy The most popular website within the Diaper and Wet community, has been on-line for about 10 years serving the DL, AB and WET community. With more than 100,000+ images in our photo and video albums, members from more

    ) open
  12. 12
    + 255
    - 255

    ABKingdom    ABKingdom was born in March 1999, its purpose is to provide a forum for discussion and exchange on all layers and French followers worldwide. The site is free since its inception and is open

    ) open
  13. 13
    + 76
    - 66

    DiaperMates DiaperMates is the internet's largest free personals community for Adult Babies and Diaper lovers, and is presented by - DiaperMates is intended for adults over the age of 18 only,

    ) open
  14. 14
    + 54
    - 42

    Abysitter Welcome To The Crib.  My name is Cwis. I'm an abysitter; I've diapered well over 100 abies - well, mostly non-abies. You can read the circumstances behind that in my blog.  I'll be using the Abysitter blog to describe

    ) open
  15. 15
    + 39
    - 30

    Bedwettingabdl purpose of this site is to give each visitor, whether they are a bed wetter (Enuresis), Adult Baby (AB), Teen Baby (TB) or a Diaper Lover (DL) they have a place of support, acceptance and

    ) open
  16. 16
    + 17
    - 9

    The Big Little Podcast Big Little Podcast show is an audio program by, about, and for age players of all kinds. We cover a broad range of age play topics, from diapers to discipline and topic shows to personal

    ) open
  17. 17
    + 39
    - 38

    Diaper World Diaper World helps you connect and share with the people in your life. ADDED 5/9/2013

    ) open
  18. 18
    + 29
    - 26

    ABDLNet Making real life AB/DL meetings a reality !!This is a private, members only, social website.The site is open to any UK resident over the age of 18 who wishes to meet up with other AB/DL's.Membership

    ) open
  19. 19
    + 59
    - 63
    No image

    Wetting & Diaper Wonderland  Wetting and Diaper Wonderland is a great place to meet other like minded people. Browse our members, watch our movies, play games or chat the night away in our

    ) open
  20. 20
    + 57
    - 61

    ABDL Pixel  The AB & DL Community Powered Site.  You Have found your way to the best community powered adult baby and diaper lover community site on the web.  All of the content is added by the

    ) open
  21. 21
    + 28
    - 27

    Ikrinkle is ikrinkle? Well it is a new social network for the AB/DL community we decided to create ikrinkle from scratch and focus on what we have been told was important to the community.Added 13th June 2014

    ) open
  22. 22
    + 37
    - 42 Diapers Forum;ox=showcat;cx=458# is a popular and an open-minded community, come as you are. Membership is freeMembers have access to the many features not available guest users.

    ) open
  23. 23
    + 52
    - 73

    Diaperbook Diaperbook is the new community that connects you with guys and girls who like to wear diapers.

    ) open
  24. 24
    + 32
    - 47

    BabyFur.ME  BabyFur.ME is a social networking community for babyfurs, diaperfurs, cubfurs, kidfurs, littlefurs, sissyfurs, caretakers and friends of the community. The purpose of BabyFur.ME is to unite furs who

    ) open
  25. 25
    + 7
    - 16

    Experience Project Experience Project is the place where passionate people live! As the world's largest living collection of shared experiences and the premier passions-based network, experience

    ) open
  26. 26
    + 37
    - 64

    Wetpantsboy A vibrant community for all those into pee desperation, wetting or pooping in their clothes, and more! You must be over 18 to access this site ADDED 13th March 2013

    ) open
  27. 27
    + 13
    - 31

    Windelnet Windelnet ist die größte Community für Windelträger/ innen. Meld dich an und lerne neue Leute kennen! 5/9/2013 

    ) open
  28. 28
    + 27
    - 60

    IMABDL  IMABDL is a compilation of about 8 adult babies and diaper lovers hard work to put together a site that is both user friendly for social networking within the IMABDL community but also to provide the

    ) open
  29. 29
    + 14
    - 48

    Kinksterschat #playpen  On KC you'll get a fully customisable profile! Set your own avatar, share (or not) pictures, video, music to your albums, which can be set to private (your eyes only), friends only and public.

    ) open
  30. 30
    + 5
    - 26

    Ruffles & Ribbons is the latest version of the famous and infamous (too hot for Yahoo Adult Groups) RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, which goes back over a dozen years to 1999.Added 26/1/15

    ) open
  31. 31
    + 39
    - 104

    Diaper Space Diaper Space ABDL helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

    ) open
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