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Top Athletes That Started Successful Businesses

A list of top athletes who have turned the business world and started companies, going from the huddle to the boardroom. These athlete entrepreneurs earned millions on and off the court, diamond, field and ice include Michael Jordan and his sneakers, George Foreman and his grill, and Venus Williams and her eye for interior design. Ranked by their success on and off the field, these jocks have taken their millions in salary endorsements and managed or started businesses in all different industries. Who knew The Great One, Wayne Gretsky is a restaurateur? Or that Eddie George is in the landscape architecture business in Columbus, Ohio.
Taking their on the court sense and applying it off the court has proved successful. Heck, Magic Johnson has been so prominent since he left the court that he’s opened Magic Movie Theaters, Starbucks Franchises and recently joined a venture capital firm in Detroit.
We all know the stories of the failures, guys blowing millions of dollars based on bad money management and poor business deals. But fortunately these guys have been able to join up with the right minded business partners and with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work their businesses have been successful. If you think there is a sports star that needs to be added to the list please do so. Rank and Enjoy.
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