Top Blazin' Hip-Hop Songs You Need in Your Running Mix Anything
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Top Blazin' Hip-Hop Songs You Need in Your Running Mix

I've been running for 4 years now. And trust me, before that, the only time you would have seen me run was from danger. But as I've grown as a runner, I've learned the right music can push you beyond your (mental) limits. This list is a compilation of some of my favorite hip-hop songs to listen to while running. Why hip-hop? Because there's something about someone telling you to stay on your grind that will inspire you to give that extra effort. Some are included because the beat is a good running rhythm, and others also include some great words of inspiration. If you're a runner, try them out. If you're not, well I just made you a pretty good mix tape.

Also: These songs are in no particular order. They could work on shuffle, you could arrange them to fit with the type of run you are planning to do. It's up to you!

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    DJ Khaled We Takin Over

    THIS SONG IS THE BEST!! WHICH SONG??? THIS ONE!!! Okay, so Khaled might be ridiculous, but this song is fire. And it features every rapper that put out a song in 2007.
    I think he sent an email or group text out that was like COME TO THE STUDIO?? WHICH STUDIO?? MY STUDIO!! And then everyone showed up and laid down a verse. And then I think there's a remix that features every other rapper in the universe, just so he can actually cover every city, since they're taking over one city at a time. This is a another great "cockiness" builder song. And you'll want to run from Lil Wayne since he wants to feed on rappers or beats.
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    T.I.'s music often has the same effect on me that watching The Wire does. It's like I get into the mindset of being a dope boy, or "hopper", not caring what anyone thinks, just focused on my grind. Except that I'm a white woman with a masters degree and a professional career. But that same focus and "hustle" that rappers like T.I. exemplify in their lyrics, that energy can be put into any goal in life. Including improving your running time, running farther than you have before, taking this song to run just a bit faster.
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    Young Jeezy I luv It

    "You gotta drink a red bull, you can't sleep on life". Talk about being on your grind, this song will push you to keep going. I recently saw Jeezy in concert and I'm convinced that I want to hire him as my life coach. When you look in the sky, you might see clouds, Jeezy sees opportunity. This song is all about focusing on your goal and letting all the other stuff fall to the side. Just you know, Jeezy's goals might differ slightly from yours or mine. But, still, open your eyes, you're a blessing in disguise.
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    Talib Kweli Get By

    The Nina Simone sample is what makes this a great track. Plus it's amazing all around, and one of my favorite songs. Find the strength in yourself as you let this song inspire you to push through.
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    Outkast BOB

    Ranker isn't letting me edit this so it's "B.O.B." (Bombs Over Baghdad) not "BOB". Whatever. Anyways, this is a great song to run too, the fast beat will push you to run a little bit faster, and the steady back beat will keep you on pace. It's also a great song to use if you're doing speed work.
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    Lil Wayne Let The Beat Build

    I recently saw Weezy in concert, and as I was commenting back and forth with my best friend via text about the ridiculousness of some of his lyrics (see full review of the concert here:, he started in on "Let the Beat Build" and I remembered that one of his lines in this song was one I would quote to myself while running "I can see the end at the beginning, so I'm not racing, I'm just sprinting". Let the beat build up your run, this is a great mid run pace song.
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