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Top Celebrities in College - Fall 2012

List of celebrities in college in Fall 2012, including movie stars, TV celebs, models, musicians - and children of famous parents. Many celebrities who gain fame in their youth choose to delay university plans to focus on work. This list includes both celebrities who are right on track and those who are back in school in their 30s and 40s. Vote for your favorites to move them up the list, and be sure to include those celebrities who you know for sure are currently enrolled in college, university, or graduate school - not those who are just rumored or who have already graduated.
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    Harry Potter franchise star / megamillionaire Emma Watson has been a student at Brown University since Fall 2009.
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    The former Calvin Klein model - who is an unbelievable 43 - graduated cum laude from NYU in 1999. This time around, she's attending a master's program at Columbia University.
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    In the past few years, James Franco has studied at UCLA and Columbia University, and he's even taught a class at NYU. Now he's a Ph.D. candidate for the English program at Yale.
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    Staying close to LA to continue acting, Disney star Miranda Cosgrove is a member of the USC Class of 2016.
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    Admitted (no doubt) in part due to her awesome extracurriculars, Dakota Fanning started classes at NYU in Fall 2011.
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    The son of Maria Shriver and Arnold moved into the USC dorms in August 2012.
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