The Top Celebrity Homes on the Market in LA - RIGHT NOW People

The Top Celebrity Homes on the Market in LA - RIGHT NOW

Ah real estate......everyone likes to discuss it. Ah, celebrities, we're fascinated with them. So here, we marry the two - this is a regularly updated list of celebrity houses as they hit the market for sale or lease in The City to the Angels and the city of the stars. Celebrities' houses (in Los Angeles) will be posted at the top of this list as soon as they're available on the market along with how much the celebrity home costs and any available background on the homes themselves. Check back for updates, sales, price reductions and other information. We see most, if not all of these houses as time permits! Some celebrities are feeling the heat of a soft sales market as well...

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  1. 1
    $26,000,000, Beverly Hills (of course)

    After only 4 years, the rhinestone cowboy is head back to Arizona, and selling his Malibu home .

    Stats: 4 beds, 7 baths, 6540 square feet. Days on market: 67
  2. 2
    Jennifer Aniston
    Photo: Just Jared/
    Take a look at Jen Aniston's $4200 a foot home in Beverly Hills, on the market for a shocking $42 Million dollars!

    We hear that Jen has found love in New York.....
  3. 3
    Laurie Metcalf
    Photo: Freebase/CC-BY
    $1,797,000, Valley Village (original list price: $1,925,000).

    Courtesy of The Real Estalker (one of our favorite websites) here is the

    Stats: 4 beds, 4 baths, 3780 square feet. Days on market: 62
  4. 4
    Glen Campbell
    Photo: Karen Miller
    $5,950,000, Malibu

    After only 4 years, the rhinestone cowboy is head back to Arizona, and selling his Malibu home .

    Stats: 4 beds, 7 baths, 6540 square feet. Days on market: 67
  5. 5
    $11,495,000 and just reduced a million (original list price $12,500,000), Hollywood Hills.

    Our good friends at Curbed share some editorial and some pictures .

    Stats: 10 beds/11 baths - this is 2 parcels being sold together. Days on market: 77.
  6. 6
    Doesn't get more sad then this, Britney's former West Hollywood home is in foreclosure and on the market for $4,995,000.

    Stats: 5 beds/5 baths, 8000 square feet. Days on market: 75
  7. 7
    $7,450,000, Hollywood Hills. Less then 3 years ago, Phillippe bought this house for $7,175,000. So why the sale? Not big enough?? Bachelor Pad OUT?

    Here's the property website

    STATS: 5 beds, 7 baths, 7447 square feet. Days on market: 125
  8. 8
    Scott Baio
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain
    $4,995,000 - Toluca Lake. The Baio family can't sell but Scott sure can buy .
    This is the Baio Family home - the home that Scott's parents lived in, and being sold by all the siblings. Here are pictures and information about the house. We think this house needs WAAAY too much.

    Although this website is fun to look at, it can't possibly be accurate - can it?

    Stats: 7 beds, 8 baths, 11,075 square feet. Days on market: Too many to count.
  9. 9
    Update - another price drop! 700,000 since it was listed, (original list: $4,200,000), Casa Bonaduce is now price at $3,500,000

    Well they're at it again! This is attempt numero tres for Dante "Danny" Bonaduce and ex-wife Gretchen as they bring Casa Bonaduce to the market once again. One of our favorite sites has the all the photos .

    How does this house compare to Bonaduce's other house , struggling on the market in the suburbs of Chicago.

    and "tsk, tsk, tsk" to this site, but now that we are looking at the list they compiled of 15 child actors that became really screwed up adults of we find it ironically accurate and interesting......

    Stats: 4 beds, 6 baths, 7065 square feet. Days on market - 166.
  10. 10
    $14,950,000, Hollywood Hills

    Seacrest OUT! Out of the house he bought just 4 years ago, out of the house once owned by Kevin Costner and Richard Dreyfuss. Courtesy of the Real Estalker - photos of Ryan's redo after he bought his home from Kevin Costner.

    Stats: 6 beds, 7 baths, 10,000 square feet. Days on market - 173.
  11. 11
    $3,200,000, Calabasas. Here's a great slideshow of the house.

    Everyone is talking about this week's episode of Celebrity Apprentice in which MEATLOAF rages against GARY BUSEY - now there's a turn!

    Stats: 7 beds, 7 baths, 7100 square feet. Days on market - 177.
  12. 12
    Herb Alpert
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain
    PRICE REDUCED AGAIN - this home is now listed for $2,200,000 (orignal list: $2,600,000) - Pacific Palisades.

    Original 1928 Spanish - you can view the property web site here or probably catch this one on an open house is you stalking celebrity homes.

    Stats: 4 beds, 3 baths, 2487 square feet. Days on market - 196.
  13. 13

    Cheryl Hines

    $3,750,000, Cheryl has slashed the price again on her home, originally priced at 4,200,000, Brentwood.


    6 beds, 6 baths, 4900 square feet. Days on market - 213.
  14. 14
    $11,595,000 - Hollywood Hills, originally listed for $13,250,000.

    You can see pictures of the completely fabulous home here , but sadly, not included in these pix are those the industry gets to see, full of bikini clad babes at the pool.

    You only need to do a google search to see that Mr. Perry has become quite the tycoon in both the real estate world and the movie/tv world. Since he seems to prefer to make atlanta his home, he recently bought a $8 million teardown , and proceeded to auction off the contents of the home.

    Stats: 4 beds, 6 baths, 9700 square feet. Days on market - 291.
  15. 15
    The price on this house was just dropped a HUGE $5.5 million dollars - now listed for $23,500,000, (originally listed for $28,995,000) - Bel-Air

    Ok so this is a cheater - Michael Jackson didn't own this house, but he did rent it, and he did die here, and it is on the market. Can't buy, well then lease it! $100,000 a month and you can move right in!

    stats: 7 beds, 13 baths, 17,000+ square feet.

    Property website: Michael Jackson's Former Home .
  16. 16
    Charlize Theron
    Photo: Daily Mail
    $30,000/monthly lease - Malibu

    Available for weekly, monthly & long term - FURNISHED! Just think, sleeping in Charlize's bed!

    Ms Theron is QUITE a real estate tycoon in LA and owns several properties - one of our favorite bloggers gives you all details.

    STATS: 3 beds, 4 baths, 2100 square feet, but it is ON the beach.
  17. 17
    $18,000,000 - Venice.

    It's a studio. It's a gallery. It's a compound. The home Houston shares with renowned sculptor Robert Graham just steps from Venice beach.

    Stats: 3 beds, 4 baths, 14,000 square feet.

    We're not quite sure why Anj is selling but she decided to go wide this week - the house was a Pocket listing when it first hit the market it May.
  18. 18
    $7,000,000 - Toluca Lake.

    We're sort of wondering why Hil would leave this Celebrity Compound for the smaller, humbler, albeit gate Summit Estates. Only 34 homes actually have a spot on the coveted "Toluca Lake". Does Hilary aspire to be Candy Spelling? Of note in the MLS listing, along with the usual celebrity home accessories - gym, pool spa, screening room - is the much coveted gift wrapping and cognac rooms.

    Stats: 6 beds, 7 baths, 9800 square feet.
  19. 19
    $150,000,000, Spelling Manor. 90210. In an unbelievable marketing move, Aaron Spelling's house comes on the market on 90210 day! $150,000,000 - 56,500 square feet on 4.7 acres, European-style covered parking for 16 cars and a motor court which can accommodate approx. 100 cars. Full service staff wing with 5 maid's bedrooms and 2 butler's suites (1 with... a kitchenette) catering kitchen, bowling alley, beauty salon, and a wrapping room! Originally we thought "The Spelling Manor" was listed so that Candy could pay off her $47 million condo, another record breaker. Now we hear that Candy Spelling wants protection from a "mentally ill stalker" who allegedly believes he lives at Spelling's Holmby Hills mega-mansion - could that be the reason for the sale?

    Stats: 14 beds, 27 baths, 56,500 square feet.
  20. 20

    Jennie Garth & Peter Facinelli

    Another price drop here - Now listed for $4,595,000 - original price was $5,995,000- Toluca Lake - an original paul williams. They bought the lot next door and added on so the layout is sort of non-tradtiional. Just across the street from Hilary Duffs house - mass exits in Toluca Lake!

    Stats: 6 beds, 8 baths, 8400 square feet.

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