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The Best Women's Tennis Players in the World

List Criteria: Only active female tennis players

Here is a list of the top Women's Tennis players in the world today. This is one of the most exciting periods in the history of the game. The 2013 WTA rankings factor in the past calendar year's tournaments, which neglects not only how the players have been performing lately, but also their career record. Both the player's past and recent history is taken into account, but the list will focus primarily on a particular player's recent body of work, with the the past history plus latest few matches taken into account, especially performances at the four major tournaments, when it comes to a tiebreaker between two players.

The list only includes players who are currently playing in WTA tour events, not the senior tour or Pro Ams. This is not a historical list of the best tennis players of all time. A lot of the players on this list have fared well in all tournaments, especially the majors. While there are a few players who are dominating others at the moment, the list is subject to change since Women's Tennis is one of the most volatile sports when it comes to players moving up and down the current ranking system. There is a group of players in the top tier playing extremely well, but that can change at any moment depending on performances at the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open.

Vote on who you think is the best women's tennis player in the world in 2014. Make your own list and ranking as you deem fit. You can include your favorite players not on the list, but the only caveat is that they must be current players.
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    Ana Ivanovic

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    most listed 1983

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