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Top Dutch Game Developers

A list of the best Dutch game developers. These are video game developers currently headquartered in Netherlands. Video game development is a specialized type of software development focusing on games. These games can be for any type of computer whether it be game consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo, mobile platforms such as the iPhone or iPad, or traditional computers such as PC and Macintosh. Developers often further specialize into a specific type of genre, whether it be RPG's, FPS's, or RTS's. Unlike regular software development, game development can also trek into the territory of Hollywood, requiring work from writers, artists, and actors to complete their projects.
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    Rotterdam, Netherlands Located in: RotterdamFounded in: 2005

  2. 2

    Engine Software Located in: DoetinchemFounded in: 1995

  3. 3

    Amsterdam, Netherlands Located in: AmsterdamFounded in: 2000

  4. 4

    Playlogic Entertainment Located in: BredaFounded in: 2002

  5. 5

    Spellborn International Located in: The HagueFounded in: 2004

  6. 6

    Hilversum, Netherlands Located in: AmsterdamFounded in: 2001

  7. 7

    Team6 Game Studios Located in: AssenFounded in: 2003

  8. 8

    Delft, Netherlands Located in: DelftFounded in: 1997

  9. 9

    Two Tribes Located in: HarderwijkFounded in: 2000

  10. 10

    Tygron Delft, Netherlands Located in: DelftFounded in: 2005

  11. 11

    Vertigo Games Located in: RotterdamFounded in: 2008

  12. 12

    W!Games Located in: AmsterdamFounded in: 2005

  13. 13

    Zylom Located in: EindhovenFounded in: 2001


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