The Fox News FAILs of 2013

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This is a list of the Top Fox News Fails of 2013. Geraldo's selfie was a highlight, but Fox News mistakes were plentiful in 2013. To make it on this list, you've got to be a special sort of snafu. In a year with very little Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck on the network, one might think that the Fox News embarrassments would be sub-par. Well, one would be wrong.

Giant tablets! Toddlers hit in the face! Geraldo selfies! A complete lack of understanding simple political concepts! Using the word "Muslim" in a derogatory fashion! Fox News ain't gonna disappoint you, and we've culled the underbelly of the Internet for the very best of the worst.

Producing 24 hours of non-stop cable news that's only interrupted by Cash for Gold and Cialis commercials is hard, you guys. Sometimes things like journalistic integrity and, you know, facts, have to be thrown out. That's okay, right?
You may hate Fox News, but without it, what would Stephen Colbert make fun of? What would your conservative uncle post on his facebook? What would HBO's "The Newsroom" be about next season? What would be on this list?

We can't guarantee that this list of top fox news fails is fair and balanced, but that's why you are invited to vote up the top fails on your giant tablet newsroom computer thing.

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