The Top Movies That Will Get You Laid Films
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The Top Movies That Will Get You Laid

From : Alright, being as this is Geekscape, it’s kind of weird start off this whole top five extravaganza with a topic that’s all about doing the nasty, but let’s face it - sex sells and I always bring the people what they want. So, grab a bottle of wine, light some candles, and change out of your Spiderman-underoos…it’s business time (that is assuming you can actually get a girl to watch a movie with you). Let's do this:

(Some small spoilers may be present below, so don’t go whining to me when I reveal that Bruce Willis was dead the whole time…)

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    If I was being a stickler, I’d say that this would have to be the new Pride and Prejudice—you know, the Oscar nominated one starring Kiera Knightley and featuring nifty direction by Joe Wright. But, in reality, it just doesn’t matter. Heck, as long as Jane Austen is involved you could watch two and half hours of sock puppets making out and still get lucky. You see, Jane Austen is like a pheromone for women. By merely mentioning her name their eyes begin to glaze over and they lose an attachment to reality. Suddenly, everyone becomes Mr. Darcy. Everyone wears those ruffled dresses with the hoops in them. And, of course, everyone has a British accent.

    To increase your chances, during the elaborate dance sequence in the first third of the movie, make an off-hand, yet appropriate, comment about how you wish everyone still danced like that and how "classic" it would be. Regardless of whether you believe this or not, it makes you seem sensitive and introspective. Or, you could always go with the old stand-by and say: "you have much a bigger rack than Kiera Knightley." Granted, it ain’t Shakespeare, but by the time this flick comes to an end, every word you say will somehow become poetry.

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