The Top Summer Fashion Trends 2012 Anything

The Top Summer Fashion Trends 2012

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Summer brings a whole new trend of fashionable dresses in different varieties and styles. These trendy dresses add a punch to the wardrobe and every woman should have them. In the summer of 2012, the bent is towards colorful pieces in bold colors, new styles and exciting prints. Check out the fashionable picks for this summer to know how to make your wardrobe exciting! The summer trend does not stop at just clothes. It also includes bold necklaces that make a statement, dip-dye hair, bright lips, sheer pieces and so much more. What is your favorite trend or would you like to try them all?

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    Color Block

    The color block trend has gone beyond traditional to playful, light, and fun. The combinations are dazzling. Combine hot pink, lemon yellow, tangerine, emerald green, and many more shades. This trend is not just for your clothes.
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    Floral Jeans

    Why restrict florals to just your dresses? Bring them on to your jeans, too. Replace boring blue traditional jeans with floral ones in loud and bold colors as well as soft pastel hues. Combine them with cardigans or denim jackets and look trendy.
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    Colored Jeans

    Jeans can not only be floral - they can be in bright colors, too. This trend is very popular. You can see colored jeans in both bright and pastel hues. The vivid colors can be combined with colorful tops and denim jackets. Get your jeans in bright neon
    colors like yellow, lavender, hot red that symbolize the summer trend.
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    Neon Colors

    What can be better for summer than a dress in neon color? Accessorize with more neon colored handbags, shoes, and jewelry. You can even do your nails or your hair in bright, bold, and eye-popping neon. Just remember that too much of neon at the same time will spoil the fun look.
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    Maxi Dresses

    A maxi dress is a must-have for every woman. Wear it in summer and feel cool and comfortable as the dress flows around you gracefully. Accessorize with chunky jewelry, and wear flats.
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    Colorful Blazers

    Add a colorful blazer to instantly change a drab outfit into an interesting one. Wear a bold blazer with your denim or any other simple piece to be eye-catching. Go a step ahead and pair a colorful blazer with another colorful piece like capris, a short dress, or even shorts.
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