The Top Ten Superman Villains Fictional Characters

The Top Ten Superman Villains

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List Criteria: How do they work with Supes, their threat and interest.

The top ten villains and rogues to fight the Man of Steel, and no i'm not a fan of Darkseid. Sorry. 

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    The man who owns Metropolis. Originally a scientist now the corrupt businessman who wants to control the world. He became president, killed thousands, and he was the hardest criminal to ever prove guilty. His history and fights with Supes has made him number one on this list.
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    The smartest opponent and one of the strongest opponents Superman has ever fought. A living computer who cannot be destroyed and cannot be stopped, but only suppressed by Superman. 
  3. 3
    "Come to me Son of Jor-El! Kneel before Zod!"
    Banished to the phantom zone by Superman's father, Zod has a serious anger issue built up. He has been freed from the Zone and wants to kill the son of Jor-El.
  4. 4
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    A Kyrptonite villain done right. Metallo can disguise himself as a random citizen as long as he covers his metallic body he gained after an accident.
  5. 5
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    Perhaps the most unique. An infected working man, whenever he touches someone he drains their energy. If Superman is touched by him, Parasite gains his powers.
  6. 6
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    He killed the Man of Steel. He's responsible for one of the biggest events in comic history. 
  7. 7
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    The clone of Superman that went wrong, Having all the powers of the Man of Steel but not idea who he really is. He often tries to do good but fails because of his own mentality.
  8. 8
    Another very powerful rogue, however i never liked Darkseid very much. However i'm not letting bias sway me from putting him here. From the planet Apokolips he spawns armies and and destroys humans into dust, literally. 
  9. 9
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    A creepy little fellow, he often has a changed appearance. He made giant robotic like toys and destructive weapons as he attacks people of all kinds. Though, he seems to favor children...
  10. 10
    A man of made of Kryptonite. An obvious show of his danger and he may be the trickiest to overcome if met one on one with the hero in question.
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