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education The Top Ten Tips for High School Sex-Ed Teachers

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Teaching Sex-Ed (to any age) can be intimidating and sometimes surprisingly are a few tips from my own experiences...

Never use a banana in a condom demonstration. (The girls will never again eat one in the high school cafeteria..or anywhere on campus for that matter)


You will be informed that the concept of a "one-size fits all" condom does not apply to them. (I spoil this concept when I roll one over my hand and up my lower arm.)


Expect the guys to all talk like studs...and the girls to sound like virgins. (But be wise to the fact this is most likely NOT true for either sex)


Expect to be surprised (even shocked) at their lack of basic reproduction knowledge. (But NEVER show it.)


If you want to get their attention and keep it...bring clear, colored, realistic photos. (A primary herpes outbreak will make a lasting impression)


Their primary goal will often be to see if they can embarrass you. (NEVER BLUSH.)


Teens love "freebies". (Bring condoms and make them colorful.)


Be familiar with their "slang" or you will appear stupid. (However, don't USE it, or you will SOUND stupid)