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Top Ten Wonder Woman Casting Choices

This year at Comic-Con 2009, Joss Whedon was in attendance. This made me nostalgic for the years in which his Wonder Woman was not only rumored, but actually in the works. Since the demise of that, I remembered that a while ago I read that Beyonce is publically lobbying for the highly contested role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming DC Comics/Warner Brothers production, I admit that I recoiled a little.

Beyonce? Seriously? Sure, I’ve been known to belt "Crazy in Love" from the privacy of my car (and maybe at the occasional karaoke bar), but Beyonce’s no actress. And it takes more than extreme hotness to do justice to Lynda Carter’s iconic role. So, studio execs, before you fit Beyonce for a red bathing suit, please consider some of these other choices.

We asked the Geekscape team what they thought and here's what they brought to the table...


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    Monica Dean

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    A Romanian actress that could make you pee your pants just by looking at you. She has the perfect look. Again, who knows if she can act, but that stare screams Wonder Woman. "I veel mek you eentoo my fahckbeetch".

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