Top Thirteen 90s Teen Starlets Who Stayed Hot People
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Top Thirteen 90s Teen Starlets Who Stayed Hot

The 90s were a time where all TV shows were about teenage relationships, the popular kids liked music that the guys only pretended to like so they could dance close with the girls they wanted to bang and teenagers were exploited weirdly in the media for their sexuality. Everything was COMPLETELY different... But some of the hottest teen stars of the 1990s (most of them) have by now either hit rock bottom or completely fallen off the face of the earth, waiting to become the next E! True Hollywood story that's more interesting than anything they've ever made intentionally.

So, in all their hot 90s glory, here are the hot teen starlets from the 90s who actually not only stayed hot, but have continued to have a modicum of success.

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  1. 1
    1981 More
    If you're here, you know exactly who Jessica Alba is and that it doesn't really matter what ... more
  2. 2
    1981 More
    I know. I need to explain this. The 90s:Remember when Britney Spears looked like this? And ... more
  3. 3
    1976 More
    The 90sAfter she caught her break as the really hot girl from 90s Aerosmith videos and as ... more
  4. 4
    1979 More
    The 90sJennifer Love Hewitt ruled being hot in the movies during the late 90s. She earns the ... more
  5. 5
    1977 More
    The 90s:Buffy the Vampire Slayer, aka, one of the greatest heroines in the history of fiction, ... more
  6. 6
    1974 More
    Alyson Hannigan is one of the few MILFs on this list and definitely earns her keep as a hot ... more
  7. 7
    1971 More
    For how hot Christina Applegate was in The 90s see above. She was easily one of the hottest ... more
  8. 8
    1980 More
    The 90s:You know her as Wednesday Adams from The Adams Family, the hot chained-up girl from ... more
  9. 9
    1972 More
    The 90s:The other Saved By the Bell alum on this list, Elizabeth Berkley played Jesse Spano, ... more
  10. 10
    1974 More
    The 90s:Tiffani Thiessen is Kelly Kapowski. Anyone growing up in the 90s was plagued with ... more
  11. 11
    1976 More
    The 90s:Melissa Joan Hart, better known as Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All or Sabrina ... more
  12. 12
    1979 More
    The 90s:You might know Monica Keena as that girl who was blonde in Dawson's Creek in the 90s. more
  13. 13
    1970 More
    The 90s:Personally, I was a Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell) guy. But back in the day all of the ... more

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