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The Top Trumpet Players

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List Criteria: More will be added to this list. I simply do not see how anyone can get better technically than Wynton Marsalis (a tie could be possible); so he is a at a secure number 1 in my rankings...however, the rest of the list varies with styles; some have better range than other's but are not as polished player's; and there are other variables; therefore, aside from MARSALIS being a clear number one for me the rest of the list is still being evaluated, and preference can affect the list to a degree. NOW...perhaps the favorite artist to listen too is "Satchmo" Louis Armstrong, however, he is not a technically competitive player on classical or jazz high difficulty pieces....for style I would like to put "Satchmo" higher on the list, but for "best player" he does not fit above Severinson, Marsalis, Sandoval, Driscoll...

Top Trumpet Players
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    Classical music, Post-bop, Jazz

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  3. 3
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    Latin jazz, Jazz

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    Contemporary Christian music

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    Swing music, Big band, Jazz

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    Hard bop, Jazz fusion, Jazz

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    Jazz, Dixieland

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    Jazz rap, Avant-garde jazz, Jazz-funk

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    West Coast jazz

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    Swing music, Traditional pop music, Jazz

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