Top World War I Aces of Italy People
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Top World War I Aces of Italy

A list of the best Italian WW1 Aces. That is, World War I Aces from Italy with the most victories. Photos are included wherever possible. While one may be considered an Ace with only 5 victories, these WWI Aces have shot down twenty planes or more! World War 1 Aces were arguably the bravest and boldest of all fighter pilots as their planes were so rudimentary. That said, the Fokker Dr. I and the Sopwith Camel were airplanes that got the job done. For the Aces of World War 1, flight jackets weren't yet items of prestige; they were tools of necessity as flying in an open cockpit meant pilots could freeze. The planes were made of cloth, metal tubes, and wood unlike the armored cockpits of today that protect their flyboys from machine-gun fire. Suffice to say, this list of Aces of WW1 contains all of the best.
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    Died at 30 (1888-1918) Planes shot down: 34

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  2. 2
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    Died at 84 (1893-1977) Planes shot down: 26

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  3. 3

    Died at 85 (1880-1965) Planes shot down: 24

    ) open
  4. 4

    Died at 33 (1895-1928) Planes shot down: 21

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    Died at 62 (1884-1946) Planes shot down: 20

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