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Total Recall Movie Quotes

"Total Recall" movie quotes follow the action in the 2012 remake of the mind-bending thriller. Buckle in for a journey filled with twists and turns as Doug (Colin Farrell) tries to navigate between the world he knew and his new reality, all while being chased in a futuristic setting, that may or may not be a figment of his imagination.

Similar to the 1990 version of "Total Recall" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the film centers around the a lowly and distraught man, Doug, who in search of a better life visits Rekall, a company that specializes in implanting pleasant memories in customers. But when Doug goes in for the treatment, he soon finds himself in an alternate reality where he might just be a spy. Everything he once knew is gone, including wife Lori (Kate Beckinsale), who is now trying to kill him.

The action-packed thriller directed by Len Wiseman boasts a star-studded cast including Jessica Biel as Melina, Bryan Cranston as antagonist Chancellor Vilos Cohaagen and John Cho as Rekall representative Bob McClane, not to mention a cameo from Ethan Hawke and a woman with three breasts.

"Total Recall" joins the summer 2012 movie season which is already one of the best recently with blockbusters like "Ted," "Celeste and Jesse Forever," "Madea's Witness Protection," "Magic Mike,", "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Dark Knight Rises."
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    Who Gets Everything They Fantasize About?

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    Doug: "Are you actually happy with how your life's turned out?"
    Lori: "I know this isn't what we had in mind when we were younger but who gets everything they fantasize about, right?"

    Bored and slightly disappointed with his life as a factory worker, Doug begins to question his existence in a conversation with wife Lori. It's this complacency that eventually leads him to Rekall, but what he receives is much more than he bargained for.

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