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Trevor Habeshaw - Books/Stories/Written Works

Trevor Habeshaw Books. Trevor Habeshaw bibliography includes all books by Trevor Habeshaw. Book list may include collections, novellas. This list is alphabetical, and you can sort by any column. List items include 53 Interesting Ways to Appraise Your Teaching, Continuing self development for teachers and many additional items as well. You may want to copy this list to build your own just like it, re-rank it to fit your views, then publish it to share with your friends. (15 Items)
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    253 Ideas for Your Teaching

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    Bristol Polytechnic Certificate in Counselling

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    A personal development workshop for managers

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    Effective lecturing to large, diverse classes

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    Autonomous independent learning

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    Reviewing your course

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    Powerful Ideas in Teaching and Learning

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    A staff development programme for heads of department in Bristol Polytechnic

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    15 years of induction and in-service training of new teaching staff at Bristol Polytechnic

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    Guidelines for improving the effectiveness of group discussion

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    253 interesting things to do in non-traditional teaching week at Bristol Polytechnic

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    Introducing experiential personal development into formal courses

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    Continuing self development for teachers

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