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TV Shows Produced By Ashton Kutcher

A list of all TV shows produced by Ashton Kutcher, listed alphabetically with pictures from the show when available. Ashton Kutcher have produced a lot of successful television programs, and this list highlights some of the best ones. This list of TV programs produced by Ashton Kutcher includes any TV shows co-produced by Ashton Kutcher with other people or companies. Television fanatics can use this list to find some Ashton Kutcher TV shows that they haven't seen before. Producers don't often get credit for great TV series but they are an integral part of the creation process.

Items here include everything from Beauty and the Geek to Punk'd.

This list answers the questions, "What TV shows has Ashton Kutcher produced?" and "What are the best Ashton Kutcher produced shows?"

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    Actors: Corbin Bleu, Sara Paxton, Mischa Barton
    Premiered: 2009-09
    Number of Seasons: 1
    Number of Episodes: 13
    Producers: Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg
    Genres (Tv): Drama, Soap opera
  2. 2

    Adventures in Hollyhood

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    Actors: Project Pat
    Premiered: 2007
    Number of Seasons: 1
    Number of Episodes: 8
    Producers: Ashton Kutcher
    Network: MTV, MTV2
    Genres (Tv): Comedy, Reality television
  3. 3

    American Idiots

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    Premiered: 2010
    Producers: Jason Goldberg, Ashton Kutcher
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    Actors: Jillian Beyor, Scarlet Garcia, Tyson Mao, Amanda Hanshaw, Eric Chase + 9 more
    Premiered: 2005
    Number of Seasons: 5
    Number of Episodes: 48
    Producers: J.D. Roth, Jason Goldberg, Eli Holzman, Nick Santora, Ashton Kutcher
    Network: The WB Television Network, Fox Reality Channel, The CW Television Network
    Genres (Tv): Reality television
  5. 5

    Chloe Gamble

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    Premiered: 2010
    creator: Ed Decter
    Producers: Jason Goldberg, Ed Decter, Ashton Kutcher
  6. 6

    Eric B

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    Premiered: 2009
    Producers: Jason Goldberg, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher
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