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TV Shows That Ensure our Stupidity

VH1 and MTV have been gracious enough to provide the American public with an encyclopedia of shows whose sole function in entertainment is to glorify the idiocy, materialism, and superficiality of talentless pseudo-celebrities. Oh, and s**tty women. What's worse is that most of these shows end up with at least a second season or even spin-off (because who doesn't wanna see a new group of s**tty women?), which means that people are watching. Watching s**ts be s**tty competing to see which s**t is the s**ttiest s**t to ever strut her s**t through s**ttseville. Also there are s**ts. Did I mention the s**ts? S**ts. Stupid f**king s**ts.

TV Shows That Ensure our Stupidity TV Programs
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  1. 1

    rated: 1.0 Megan Hauserman, Tamara Witmer, Kevin Martin

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  2. 2

    rated: 0.8 Paris Hilton

    ; watch now
  3. 3

    rated: 1.0 Tiffany Pollard, Mauricio Sanchez

    ; watch now
  4. 4

    rated: 0.3 Flavor Flav

    ; watch now
  5. 5

    rated: 0.7

    ; watch now
  6. 6

    rated: 0.3 Sam Sarpong

    ; watch now
  7. 7

    rated: 0.6 Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag

    ; watch now
  8. 8

    rated: 0.7 Xzibit, Buck

    ; watch now
  9. 9

    rated: 0.6 Heather Dubrow, Jeana Keough

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  10. 10

    rated: 0.9 Lo Bosworth, Christina Schuller, Morgan Olsen

    ; watch now
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