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There’s something special about TV wedding scenes. When you’ve been rooting for a couple to finally get over their issues and tie the knot season after season, you’re officially invested. You want to see those two get their happily ever after. You sign up for a front row seat at the ceremony and you’ve got tissues handy in case the entire shindig turns into a sobfest. TV weddings are memorable events – they seldom go perfectly, they’re fun to watch, and they almost always leave audiences with big smiles on their faces. (Except for Game of Thrones, of course.)

Although post-TV-wedding-disappointment is a very real thing (looking at you, Castle), most wedding scenes from TV shows successfully reward audiences for their loyalty and relentless%20 shipping. Plus, the best of them stay true to the characters and manage to celebrate love in a way that makes sense for both the couple and the TV series. Without further ado, vote up those scenes that left you speechless, bamboozled, or tickled pink. %20

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TV show: Friends
First comes love, then comes one of TV’s best proposals, then comes a wedding ceremony for the ages. Chandler and Monica hit a few bumps on their way down the aisle, but what’s a sitcom without a few twists? All is well when it ends well, and those two surely lived happily ever after.  
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The Countdown Reflection

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TV show: The Big Bang Theory
Despite their differences, Bernadette and Howard are adorable together, and their love can conquer all. They proved it in the season 5 finale when they decided to get hitched spontaneously before Howie’s space mission. Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Raj and Amy were all ordained as ministers and able to perform the ceremony, which took place on a rooftop just as Google's satellite captured the whole event for posterity. Goosebumps.
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It's About Time

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TV show: Boy Meets World
Cory and Topanga’s big day wasn't without hiccups. But although things didn’t go as smoothly as planned, the ceremony was as lovely as wedding ceremonies get. Mostly because these two are adorable together, but also because of Cory’s memorable speech. Hearts melted everywhere.   
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TV show: The Office
Fans were really invested in Jim and Pam’s relationship, so everyone tuned in when the couple finally wed in Niagara Falls. Not even silly wedding dances or torn veils would have gotten in their way. And let’s not forget about this: "The boat was actually Plan C, the church was Plan B, and Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her." Swoon.
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TV show: Friends
There’s no doubt Mike was Phoebe’s best boyfriend. He loved her quirkiness, helped her raise rat babies, and was portrayed by none other than Paul Rudd. Although their initial wedding was canceled due to a blizzard, they spontaneously decided to get married in the street, because they really wanted to tie the knot that day. Their vows were perfection, their outfits were gorgeous, and the setting was magical. Very Phoebe! 
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Something Borrowed

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TV show: How I Met Your Mother
Audiences waited a few seasons for Lilypad and Marshmallow to tie the knot (he literally proposed in the pilot), but the wait was well worth it. Just when uninvited guests and a very bad hair day were about to ruin the entire ceremony, Lily and Marshall decided to wed outside, in the presence of only close friends and an acoustic guitar. Their wedding was just as adorable as they are.   
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The Woman in White

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TV show: Bones
A wedding that was nine seasons in the making. Temperance and Seeley survived serial killers, had a baby, solved countless murders, and learned to truly love each other along the way.  Lovely vows, gorgeous ceremony. Dare I say it was worth the wait? 
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The Wedding (1)

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TV show: Full House
Two-part wedding episodes  are a big trend in the sitcom industry, and they were an even bigger deal in the ‘90s. Jesse and Rebecca had to overcome absurd circumstances to get hitched, which only made their wedding more rewarding. Plus, Jesse singing the Beach Boys’ "Forever" at the piano with a gospel choir? Swoon. 
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