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TWiST #149 News Stories

News stories we're covering for This Week in Startups Episode #149, airing on Friday, June 10th, will be posted here. Vote up the stories you most want to see discussed on the show. If you have suggestions for news topics that aren't listed here, leave them in the comments section below and we can add them! Don't forget to click through to Page 2 to see all the stories we're working on!

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    Ebay Acquires Magento

    eBay Inc. has acquired Magento, the open source e-commerce platform that employs 290 in LA. Magento had recently raised $22.5M in an equity funding round that closed in March. Others in eBay’s recent string of acquisitions are GSI, Milo, and RedLaser. eBay plans to roll Magneto into X.Commerce, planned as an open, end-to-end, cloud-based platform for buying and selling solutions at all scales, both online and offline.

    SOURCE: PCWorld
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    Japanese Scientists Create Touchable Holograms

    Researchers at Tokyo University revealed that they’ve been able to create touchable holograms, a key step in weaning us all off of interacting with computers using a keyboard or mouse. The technology is based on software that uses ultrasonic waves to create pressure on the hand of a user "touching" the projected hologram. The researchers used two Wii remotes from Nintendo’s Wii gaming system to track a user’s hand. Says Tokyo U professor Hiroyuki Shinoda: "Up until now, holography has been for the eyes only, and if you’d try to touch it, your hand would go right through. But now we have a technology that also adds the sensation of touch to holograms."

    SOURCE: popular Science
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    Facebook’s Facial Recognition Software Sparks EU Probe

    A new Facebook feature "recognizes" faces in photos, enabling users to connect a face in a photo with an actual friend on Facebook. Under the new plan, Facebook provides suggestions for individuals in photos and the user can accept or reject them. As will all new Facebook innovations, the feature is enabled by default, but it can be disabled by customizing your privacy settings.

    The Electronic Privacy Information Center, based in Washington, D.C., has stated its intention to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission over the feature, which it claims raises suspicions about how Facebook is storing and utilizing user data. European Union data-protection regulators have also said they intend to probe Facebook after it starts its global roll-out of the system. In a statement, the company insisted the feature was solely designed to make it easier for users to tag photos, but conceded that they should have been more up-front with the public about the specifics of their plans.

    SOURCE: LA Times
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    Apple Plans to Build Spaceship-Shaped New Campus

    Steve Jobs pitched the Cupertino City Council this week on his proposed spaceship-like building on Apple’s f*ture campus that will hold 12,000 employees. (Apple’s current 9,500 employees are split between several buildings.) Apple purchased the 100 acre building site from Hewlett Packard in 2010, adding it to the adjacent 50 acres it already owned. Apple plans for the building to function as its own power source, with an "energy center" as its primary source of power and the grid as a backup

    Jobs said there’s not "a single straight piece of glass in this building."

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    We've watched Weinergate unfold over the last few weeks. Initially, Rep. Anthony Weiner claimed a tweeted photograph of him in his underwear was not him, and was released by hackers. Later, after that story sort of fell through, Weiner admitted that he was, in fact, the subject of the photograph, and he had taken and sent it himself. Wednesday, yet more photos of Weiner's unmentionables were released by a woman who claims the Congressman sent them to her. The plot thickened even more (excuse the pun) when it was revealed that Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant with their first child. Abedin is currently out of the country in her official role as adviser to Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Democratic leaders are said to be privately advising Weiner to resign.

    SOURCE: Fox News
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