Twitter Reacts to North Carolina's LGBT Marriage Ban Anything
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Twitter Reacts to North Carolina's LGBT Marriage Ban

On May 8th, 2012, over 60% of North Carolina voters voted for an amendment to ban marriage equality in their state. It became a national trending topic on Twitter for hours and has spurned much debate, and a lot of hate toward North Carolina. From frustration, to great, uplifting and inspirational quotes, here are the best Twitter reactions to North Carolina's ban on gay marriage. Supporters of marriage equality united on Twitter to let the 60+% of North Carolina voters know that what they did is not okay, that it is going to change and that in the future, everyone will be ashamed of them.

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    ThinkProgress Reminds Us This Is Just a Step in a Process

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    This Will Change No Matter What

  3. 3

    This Is Actually True

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    North Carolina's Been in a Civil Union Along

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    It Gets Worse For Anti-Equality Voters

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    Next Up In North Carolina Amendments

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