19 Animals That Are Sometimes Born with Two Heads

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Freakshows aren't the only place where you can see a two-headed creature. Some of these double-headed animals can be found roaming around in their natural habitat! Having two (or more) heads attached to one body is a condition referred to as polycephaly. That intimidating word has pretty simple origins; the Greek poly- meaning "much," and kephali-, which means "head." 

Though it's an extremely rare occurrence, scientists have come across quite a few instances of polycephaly throughout their time studying and cataloguing animals. We even use the two headed animal as a symbol. For example, a 2-headed eagle often stands for something grand and historical. It was also the mark of the Byzantime Empire. 

We aim to separate the myth from the unbelievably true in this list of two-headed animals. Check out this list of double-headed creatures below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 
Collection Photo:  Tambako the Jaguar
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