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Tyler Perry's 'Good Deeds' movie quotes include some of the best lines from this 2012 romantic drama, written, directed by and starring Tyler Perry. In 'Good Deeds,' Perry is Wesley Deeds, a man who grows up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He seemingly has everything: A great job, an Ivy League education and a beautiful fiance, Natalie (Gabrielle Union). But Deeds isn't happy. If you see one of your favorite 'Good Deeds' movie quotes, by all means, vote it up! And be sure to add any great quotes from Tyler Perry's 'Good Deeds' that aren't listed here.

By all accounts, Wesley Deeds (Tyler Perry) should be the happiest man alive. As he says, his life is "perfect." So why is he so unhappy? A chance encounter with housekeeper Lindsey Wakefield (Thandie Newton) and her young daughter changes everything for Wesley. As he reaches out to the struggling single mom, Wesley begins to understand that he needs to make changes in his own life in order to find happiness.

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How Much We Share

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Wesley: "When it all comes down to it, life isn't about how much we get - it's about how much we share."

Wesley's absolutely correct: Giving to others can totally change a person's perspective about what's most important in life.
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The Same Thing

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Natalie: "I can literally set by watch by Wesley. He always does the same thing and he's always gonna do the same thing."

Wesley's life is predictable, and his fiance, Natalie (Gabby Union), seems to find that perfect. Wesley, however, is getting restless.
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A Gallon of Milk

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Lindsey (to Wesley): "Tell me how much a gallon of milk costs? You don't even know."

When Wesley questions Lindsey's mothering, she explains that times are tough for them. Can Wesley even understand what that means? He claims he can, but Lindsey's quick to call him out, because he honestly has no idea how much milk (or anything else, really) costs these days.

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Lindsey (to Wesley): "You spend all this time making other people happy - you need to go and find what makes you really happy, because you have a good heart."

Money doesn't buy happiness, and this old adage is certainly true where Wesley Deeds is concerned. And someone outside of Wesley's wealthy circles, like Lindsey, can clearly see how dreadfully unhappy Wesley is right now...
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Rough Time

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Wesley: "What kind of mother would leave her kid in a closet?"
Lindsey: "We're just going through a rough time right now."

Lindsey Wakefield (Thandie Newton) is a struggling, single mother. She's doing the best that she can for her young daughter, even bringing her along as she cleans offices.
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My Life is Perfect

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Wesley: "My name is Wesley Deeds III. I grew up fifth generation Ivy League graduate, groomed by my father to be a businessman - to take over his company. Groomed by my mother to be a gentleman. I was told where to stand, how to dress, and what I would be doing for the rest of my life. My life is perfect."

Wesley lives a live of privilege, having grown up in the lap of luxury. He has everything anyone could ever want - or does he?
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Your Dream

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Walter Deeds (to Wesley): "This business, it wasn't even your dream."

Walter (Brian White) is Wesley Deeds' younger brother. He's a bit of a rogue, refusing to live by their father's strict codes. Wesley's the straight-laced, 'good' brother - always doing the right thing, even if it means he's giving up on his own dreams.
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A Little Help

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Wesley: "You can just live here as long as you need to..."
Lindsey: "I can't..."
Wesley: "I know that you're proud. I know that you're used to doing everything on your own. Sometimes even the best of us, we all need a little help."

When Wesley shows Lindsey the corporate apartment, hoping she and her daughter will live there, she initially doesn't understand, thinking he wants her to clean it, not live in it.
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