The 15 Ugliest Championship Belts and Trophies of All-Time Anything
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The 15 Ugliest Championship Belts and Trophies of All-Time

List Criteria: Modern belts and trophies only. Professional-level only.

Who doesn't love winning a trophy? Whether it be a traditional stand-up statue, or a beautiful championship belt you can wear around your waist with pride, trophies are one of the most popular methods of commemorating victory of all time.

That is, if the trophy looks good. Sadly, far too many hard-working athletes get saddled with ugly championship trophies and belts, that honestly look more like punishments than rewards. Just about every sport has at least one ugly trophy to its name -- football, soccer, tennis, mixed martial arts, wrestling, rugby, etc. -- along with athletes forced to pretend they enjoy being photographed with them.

Here are 15 of the absolute ugliest championship trophies and belts out there. These things are so hideous that the winning athlete wouldn't even bother asking for their value in money instead, because none of them could possibly be worth more than five dollars.
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