The Ugliest Movie Villains in Film History

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Heroes are great and all, but our favorite part of a film is usually the villain. They get the best lines, they have awesome gadgets (or sometimes, just a machete), and they know what they want out of life. The one drawback to being a film villain is that for the most part, you’re stuck with an ugly mug. Whether movie villains earn their ugliness through a Dorian Grey-esque bad deed-a-thon, or they were just drawn that way is up for debate. However, the one thing that is definitely a fact, is that the fictional characters on this list have faces that only a mother could love. And in some cases, even their mothers couldn’t put up with their gross looking faces. Prepare your eyes for this list of the ugliest movie villains of all time.

Before you get too bummed out, remember that the ugly villains Hollywood has dreamt up that appear on this list have done things like possess a girl’s body and make her vomit pea soup, slaughter a countless amount of campers, and one of them even tried to rob Fort Knox with sleeping gas. So they’re not all sad kittens looking for a home. Some of the ugly evil characters on this list seem like they’d be a lot of fun, if weren’t for the whole being homicidal maniacs thing. And some of them are even charismatic enough to pull off looking like the deformed cousin of a California Raisin, but just because they’re cool doesn’t make them pretty.

Vote up the movie villain characters you think are the ugliest, and if you can think of an uglier fictional villain character feel free to add them to the list.
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