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Twenty-six-year-old Felix Kjellberg has over 40 million subscribers on his Youtube channel, and most of them probably don't even know his real name. As PewDiePie, Kjellberg has created a video game review empire. In fact, PewDiePie is the number-one channel on YouTube. His videos accumulated over 10 billion views by the end of 2015. The problem here is, they're not all that good. There are so many YouTube gaming channels better than PewDiePie.
Known for his high-energy, relentless video style, Kjellberg mostly just plays video games and screams semi-coherently on camera. Unsurprisingly, some people find that irritating. But if you fall into that category, don't worry: there are a lot of gaming YouTube channels better than PewDiePie. There have been some YouTubers cropping up who have consistently been more entertaining than the leader of the “Bro Army.” Here are twelve channels that gamers should be watching that are more entertaining than PewwwwwwwwwDiePIIIIIIIE! (God, that's annoying.) Vote up the most underrated YouTube gaming channels.

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Game Grumps

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Game Grumps is a Let's Play channel started by Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson and Jon “JonTron” Jafari, and though many bemoaned the loss of Jafari in 2013, the man who filled his shoes, Leigh Daniel Avidan, proved to be capable and then some. The chemistry was clear, and the gamersphere had an incredible bromace more bro-werful than Contra's Bill Rizer and Lance Bean.
Since its inception, Game Grumps has spun itself off into other shows on the Game Grumps YouTube channel, including Steam Train, focusing on PC and Steam titles, Game Grumps VS, focusing on multiplayer titles, and the free-for-all Grumpcade, giving Game Grumps fans something that many other channels often lack - variety. Hanson, Avidan, and the other Grumps across the channel may sometimes engage in sophomoric humor, but at least it's consistently funny. Plus, who wouldn't laugh at a well-timed fart joke?
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Likely the most recognizable YouTuber on this list, Markiplier is a colorful character in more ways than his rotating hair colors. Primarily a Let's Player, he began playing through horror games such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent and shot to notoriety for his scream-filled Five Nights at Freddy's playthrough. Other Let's Plays include action, indie, and strange dating games.
What differentiates him from other YouTubers is that Mark Fischbach is refreshingly genuine. While some may have built characters up in front of the camera - and Markiplier does occasionally play to his ten million subscribers - Fischbach has exposed his real life struggles to his audience as if they were all his friends.

His plea to fans to never give up on their passions touched hearts across YouTube, and his real-life sorrow over the passing of fellow YouTuber Daniel Kyre was felt in the tears shed by those who knew him as well as those who didn't. His honesty and genuine compassion have been the basis for many of his Livestreams, raising nearly a million dollars for various charities.
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Andy Farrant likes history and dressing up as a vampire magician. Jane Douglas likes science and runs a spam email scheme from her imaginary island nation of Janetopia. Mike Channell likes cars and completely ruining any and all stealth missions. Together they make up OutsideXbox, or Oxbox for short. Though the majority of their channel focuses on Let's Play footage and Best/Worst Videos, they also produce a short magazine show every week, appropriately titled Show of the Week.
An easy entryway into their channel is their annual Oxbox Xmas Challenges, where the three challenge each other to difficult and/or bizarre feats in some of the more popular Xbox games of the year, including wingsuit challenges in Just Cause 3 or taking out a whole outpost in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain using only D-Dog.

Smart, clever, and with access to big events and releases before many others on YouTube, OutsideXbox is sort of like you and two pals playing video games, except they're all British and being paid (if you're British, pretend you're someone not British pretending to be British, and the comparison totally still works).

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Jared Knabenbauer loves the simple things in life: Dungeons & Dragons, blue button-down shirts, and any video game that's not Hydlide.
The blue-shirted YouTuber known as ProJared brings more than just humor to his videos; he brings smarts. Quite a bit, in fact - one of his video series, titled “D&December,” launched at the end of 2015 and include a primer on how to get started in Dungeons & Dragons.

ProJared is just as comfortable talking about big giant d*cks in an April Fool's video as he is breaking down the mechanics of indie games like Shovel Knight or Stardew Valley. Though maybe not as prolific as others on his main channel, his work is clearly high-quality. To get a feel for this smart programming, start with his review of the lesser-known RPG Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.
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According to a 2013 Reddit AMA, Austin Hargrave thinks peanut butter is “aight.” But due to an early moniker of “Jiffy,” which evolved into “Jiffy Peanut Butter,” the name PeanutButterGamer came about. Like peanut butter, Hargrave will stick with you.
His channel runs the gamut from best/worst lists to a spinoff series on creepypastas in gaming called “The G Files.” Though his videos range from Triple-A titles to games bought at Goodwill, PeanutButterGamer is best known for his massive knowledge of the Legend of Zelda series.

Deeming November “Zelda Month,” PBG covers everything from hacking the Zelda games, debating whether Skyward Sword deserves the shaming it gets from fans, and even doing the unthinkable by daring to play that which gamers do not speak of – the Zelda CD-i games. PBG does it for us so we do not have to endanger ourselves by watching a disturbingly-animated Link talking about being so hungry he could eat an Octorok.
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PlayStation Access

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Rob Pearson, Dave Jackson, Nathan Ditum, and Hollie Bennett make up the British quartet known as PlayStation Access, and access is certainly what they have, ranging from the recent demo of upcoming JRPG I Am Setsuna to broadcasting direct from the Final Fantasy XV launch event in downtown Los Angeles, where clearly they were wearing hats as both game reporters and unapologetic fans of the series.
Passion resonates in everything they do, from Rob's dry but humorous take on past games in his Friday Musings to Hollie fangirling about anything RPG to Dave's gameness to do silly sketches and tally Metal Gear Solid references to Nathan's fascination with Destiny. But best of all is Delsin Rodent. How good is Delsin Rodent, PlayStation Access's resident mute badger puppet/running gag? He was nominated for a Golden Joystick, and though PewDiePie may have won, he (and his human subordinates) are now on a list of channels better than PDP.
Does Pewds have a mute badger puppet? No. No, he does not.
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Continue? offers a unique take on the Let's Play genre. Instead of playing through a whole game, three self-championed “handsome f*cks,” Paul Ritchey, Nick Murphy, and Josh Henderson play a game for a half hour. No context, no booklets, no script, and almost no filter. The result is a raucous Mystery Science Theatre 3000 take on what's on their screen, in a quest to find out if the game is worthy enough to keep playing (“Continue”) or deserves a drop in the dust bin (“Game Over”).
The chemistry between the three has led them to other gaming-related projects, such as the short-lived 5x5 and the successfully-Kickstarted series Smart Guys, but it's the epic maneuvers of the original series that fans wait for every Wednesday. New viewers to the channel should check out their episodes around Last Battle for the Genesis for a good Continue, or the notoriously-bad NES flop Raid on Bungeling Bay for a worthy Game Over.

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Jeffrey Fabre flew under the radar for quite some time, quietly making videos while editing videos for other YouTubers. But when PeanutButterGamer created a new show, the YouTuber became the Jeff in PB & Jeff, and his own channel reaped the harvest.
Possibly the more restrained of the two (though gleefully never by much), SpaceHamster has become known for his videos about bootleg games, hacks or knockoffs of major series such as Super Mario, the Star Wars gaming franchise, and Sonic. You may say Sonic's fallen flat in recent years, but SpaceHamster's videos may make you long for the fine work of gaming known as Sonic Heroes. Yes, a game with both Amy Rose and Big the Cat is still better than some of these games.