Unsung Heroes of the NFL, Week 11 Football Players (American)
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Unsung Heroes of the NFL, Week 11

A list of Ranker's picks for the unsung heroes of the NFL's Week 11. Click Here to view more Unsung Heroes presented by Chevy.

Every week in the NFL, fans celebrate the athletes, coaches and other elite professionals who propel their favorite teams to victory on the gridiron. But for every superstar quarterback or iconic, endlessly quotable coach, there are dozens of unsung heroes whose achievements go sadly unrecognized by the masses, even as they provide intangible contributions to the team. Well, now, it's their time to shine.

This list compiles our picks for the Unsung Heroes of NFL Week 11. Who deserved more time in the spotlight? Whose contributions maybe missed SportsCenter but nonetheless proved pivotal to the fans starting them on their fantasy squads? Which officials made the right call at the right time? You can find them here, and vote for your favorites. And if we've missed any crucial playmakers from this week, be sure to suggestion them at the bottom of the page.

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    The Denver Broncos Defense

    Yes, yes, we all can't get enough of Tebowing, the craze that's sweeping certain parts of the nation. But the Broncos defense are the ones making Tebow look good, playing some killer football over the past few weeks. (Without them, he'd likely be 1-4 as a start this year, instead of the other way around.) They keep it close, thus allowing their quarterback to deliver his miraculous comeback victories.

    This week, the Broncos D sacked Mark Sanchez three times, held the Jets to 83 rush yards and scored after cornerback Andre Goodman picked off a pass and ran 26 years into the end zone. Rookie pass rusher Von Miller racked up a team-high 10 tackles, including nine solos and three for a loss of yardage. He also forced a fumble near the goal line.
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    Cowboys punter Mat McBriar played this week against the Redskins on an injured left foot, so we're liking this story already. It was a tough game overall for McBriar, who shanked a 23-yard punt to put the Redskins in perfect position for their first scoring drive of the game. But McBriar still was able to step up for what was, arguably the play of the game, preventing a TD by pushing Banks out of bounds following a 55-yard return in the third quarter. Banks' return put the Redskins at the Cowboys 34, but the drive stalled, meaning McBriar crucially prevented what could have been the game-winning drive. That'll do, Mat... That'll do.
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    The Seahawks defensive end had 3 sacks this week against the Rams, the most by any Seahawk since Patrick Kerney's 3-sack game in December of 2007. He also forced 2 crucial fumbles in the game's second half. (That second fumble allowed Seattle to essentially run out the clock for the win.) Clemons credited his success with watching gameplay footage of Rams quarterback Sam Bradford, whom he observed holding the ball down at his side once he gets out of the pocket. Let this be a lesson to you young people... do your homework!
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    Ron Winter

    Referee Ron Winter got hit by a face full of Baltimore Ravens while watching an attempted interception by Jimmy Smith on a pass by Bengals QB, Andy Dalton. Winter avoided interfering with the play, at the cost of his own safety. (Like we said... HERO!) He managed to get up after the play. But it took a while.
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    140 rushing yards, 60 receiving yards, three touchdowns .

    Drafted by the Lions in 2008 Smith was cut by the Lions in March of 2011. After being a free agent through 10 weeks of football Smith was picked up again by the Lions with Javan Best on the shelf indefinitely with injury. To go from sitting on your couch to on the football week in under 3 weeks AND produce a stat line worthy of an elite RB makes this guy a standout.
    Also take into account the fact that the Lions were down 3 scores and were able to come back while STILL having Smith rack up 200 yards from the scrimmage is plain and simply bad ass.
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    Rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith was chosen by the Ravens in the second round of the draft, and has since become a reliable playmaker for the powerful offense, largely due to his impressive speed. Smith proved to be the difference in the Ravens' game this week against Bengals, leading the team to a 31-24 victory. (Considering, the Ravens lost to the Bengals last season.) Smith had six catches for a total of 165 yards, including a nice 38-yard catch that put the Ravens up 31-14. This win puts the team at the top of the AFC North, at least for now.
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