Unusual Deaths: Bizarre Deaths Of The 20th Century People

Unusual Deaths: Bizarre Deaths Of The 20th Century

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There were some strange deaths that have occurred during the 20th century and these are the most bizarre ways that people died in the 1900s. The following list includes some the most unusual ways of dying imaginable. There are lots of strange ways to die, but these might be the strangest deaths of all- unique and extremely rare circumstances that you can think of.

What are the most bizarre ways people have died in the last century? Do you know someone who swallowed a toothpick at a party and then died of peritonitis? Did you know about an actress who died when she fell down a chimney, thinking it was a balcony? If not, read this list of all the unusual deaths of 20th century people who died in strange ways.
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  1. 15
    1880 More
    Died of radiation poisoning after having consumed large quantities of a popular patent ...
  2. 45
    1906 More
    The Austrian/American mathematician, died of starvation when his wife was hospitalized. Godel ... more
  3. 4
    1965 More
    Son of Bruce Lee, was shot and killed by Michael Massee using a prop gun while filming the ... more
  4. 10
    1968 More
    Died of starvation near Denali National Park after a few months trying to live off the land in ... more
  5. 14
    1956 More
    18, an employee at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, was crushed to death between a moving ... more
  6. 55
    1965 More
    A Canadian-born professional wrestler for WWF, died during a pay-per-view event when ...
  7. 48
    1910 More
    Chemist and physicist, died of radiation poisoning after being exposed to lethal amounts of ... more
  8. 63
    1946 More
    The lead guitarist of Chicago, accidentally shot himself after removing the gun's magazine but ... more
  9. 62
    1911 More
    Died when he choked on an eyedrop bottle cap in his room at the Hotel Elysee in New York. He ... more
  10. 41
    1957 More
    An American television actor, died after he shot himself in the head with a prop gun during a ... more
  11. 58
    No image
    1962 More
    A professional diver, died after a diving accident during the 1983 Summer Universiade in ... more
  12. 28
    1874 More
    A famous American escape artist, was punched in the stomach by an amateur boxer who had heard ... more
  13. 72
    1964 More
    An Olympic champion fencer, died of brain damage nine days after his opponent's foil snapped ... more
  14. 25
    1869 More
    Russian mystic, was reportedly poisoned while dining with a political enemy, shot in the head, ... more
  15. 54
    1906 More
    A Japanese kabuki actor, died of severe poisoning when he ate four fugu livers (also known as ... more
  16. 19
    1879 More
    Tailor, fell to his death off the first deck of the Eiffel Tower while testing his invention, ... more
  17. 76

    Zishe Breitbart

    1893 More
    A circus strongman and Jewish folklore hero, died as a result of a demonstration in which he ... more
  18. 1
    1873 More
    A Russian physician, died following one of his experiments, in which the blood of a student ... more
  19. 20

    Gareth Jones

    1961 More
    Actor, collapsed and died while in make-up between scenes of a live television play, ...
  20. 42
    1943 More
    Former singer for British rhythm and blues band The Yardbirds, died while practicing his ... more
  21. 68
    1921 More
    British slapstick comedian, died of a heart attack while performing at Her Majesty's Theatre ... more
  22. 22
    1593 More
    5th Earl of Carnarvon, became the first to die from the alleged King Tut's Curse after a ... more
  23. 47
    No image
    1944 More
    Guitarist of Stone the Crows, was electrocuted on stage by a live microphone.
  24. 8
    1946 More
    Paid a bush pilot to drop him at a remote lake near the Coleen River in Alaska in March to ... more
  25. 53

    Michael Malloy

    1873 More
    A homeless man, was murdered by gassing after surviving multiple poisonings, intentional ... more

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