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Useless Inventions

Here is a list of some really useless inventions

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    Eye Drop Funnel Glasses

    Japan, really a strange country

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    Hay Fever Hat

    This hat makes it quick and convenient to blow your nose due to the ease of access and close proximity to the nostrils. It is the perfect solution for situations where you do not have fast access to tissues or you do not want to leave your location, such as a movie theater or business meeting. One obvious bonus that it did not seem to mentioned on any other sources is that not only is it good for a runny nose, but you can be sure there will be toilet paper when you use a public restroom. Just be sure to be careful about portioning out the toilet paper for both your nose and your rear end. You wouldn’t want to use to much for one and not have enough for the other. Also, it is recommended to keep an umbrella with you in case it rains so you do not end up with a soggy mess all over your head.

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    Exhaust Burger

    If one crazy grill design wasn't enough today, then check out this Exhaust Burger grill concept. A short-listed entrant in a recent design competition titled "Dining in 2015," the grill, invented by an Iranian team, plugs directly into your car exhaust. It soaks up spare heat in the gases to do the cooking, and the clamshell design keeps those noxious fumes away from your food. Check out the extra image to see how it might let you "cook while you commute."

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    Butter Stick Type

    Lip stick, chap stick, glue stick, now there's a butter stick? It is unconfirmed who invented this or when it was invented, but whoever invented this - I think it's a genius idea, because it's convenient unlike a regular stick of butter you just pull out of a box unless you're baking.

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    Do I really need to explain this ?

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    Ctrl + Alt + Delete Helper

    Now that is some lazy sh*t !

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