The 20 Sexiest Victoria Justice Bikini Pictures

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Sexy Victoria Justice bikini pics, ranked by appreciative fans. Victoria Justice an American actress and singer known for her role as Victoria Justice on the Nickelodeon series "Victorious." She has appeared in episodes of "Gilmore Girls" alongside the very hot Alexis Bledel and "Zoey 101" opposite sexy Jamie Lynn Spears. Justice starred as Wren in the 2012 comedy film Fun Size.

Sexy Victoria Justice bikini photos taken from around the Web. It's clear that Victoria Justice is among Hollywood's hottest women, and she's a regular fixture in fashion photography and on online gossip and celebrity photo sites. Which may be why fans are constantly searching for hot photos of Victoria Justice looking good in swimwear and bikinis.

How big of a fan are you of Victoria Justice? Big enough to know her bra size and measurements? Fortunately for them, Victoria Justice is not shy and sports bikinis regularly, making it relatively easy to find the sexiest posed and candid shots of Victoria Justice in revealing swimwear.

This list collects together the best Victoria Justice bikini photos from around the Web, many of them from sites like Huffington Post, Egotastic and TMZ. Many of these photos were snapped by paparazzi without the permission, or even knowledge, of the subject herself. However, on some occasions, bikini photos that appeared candid were actually pre-arranged by the star or her publicist, in an attempt to grab attention or get a brief career boost. B-level or infamous celebrities like Heidi Montag and Courtney Stodden, in particular, are often called out for this behavior. Victoria Justice's measurements and bra size are 33-23-34 inches (84-58-86 cm) and 32A.

These may not be Victoria Justice nude photos, or Victoria Justice nude pics, but these are some of the hottest on the web. While these aren't Victoria Justice naked pics, these Victoria Justice body shots are still the hottest of the hot.

Victoria Justice in bikini pics!
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    Victoria Justice Walking Away

  2. 2
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    Victoria Justice in Her Famous "Camel Toe" Picture That Every Pervert is Obsessed With

  3. 3
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    Victoria Justice and the Luckiest Water of All Time

  4. 4
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    Victoria Justice in... SIDEBOOB MADNESS

  5. 5
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    During a Real-Life Slow Motion Moment

  6. 6
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    Victoria Justice Preserving Her Own Life

  7. 7
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    Victoria Justice in a Private Picture That People Have Shared

  8. 8
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    Victoria Justice Contemplating the Boat She Bought

  9. 9
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    Victoria Justice Gettin All Up on That

  10. 10
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    Victoria Justice Fixin What Ain't Broke

  11. 11
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    Victoria Justice Was Legal in Mexico YEARS Ago

  12. 12
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    Victoria Justice with a Giant Monster Behind Her

  13. 13
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    Victoria Justice Thumbs Up Her Own Sideview

  14. 14
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    Victoria Justice in a Serong, Pre-Bikini

  15. 15
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    Victoria Justice Turns the Hammock Over Like Your Little Brother

  16. 16
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    Victoria Justice .Gif of Her in a Bikini Bouncin Around, Scared of Her Own Boobs?

  17. 17
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    Victoria Justice Has No Idea Why It's Raining Upside Down

  18. 18
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    Victoria Justice Koala'ing Some Dude in a Pool

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