Video Guide: How to Potty Train Your Child Anything
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Video Guide: How to Potty Train Your Child

13 helpful tips on how to potty train your child. From instructional videos, to horror stories, to helplful hints, to even commercials about the subject, these are all the videos you'll ever need to show you the right way to potty train kids.The complete potty training video guide is here for the beginning parent in distress! When you feel your little baby seems to be ready to be a big boy or a girl, that's your sixth sense hinting you to take up the Herculean task of potty training your little bundle of joy. This list is a step by step guide to potty training your toddler.

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    BabySigns Potty Training Promo

    Here's a potty training promo that will show you when it's time to start potty training your child.

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    How To Choose a Toilet-Training Potty

    Much like choosing a bottle, an important step in raising your young child is choosing the right toilet for him or her.

    Here are the choices and options to consider when buying a toilet-training potty.

    Kind of funny because you really don't even think about how nice of a toilet YOU get. Kids get all the luxuries.

  3. 3

    Potty Training Video - How To Potty Train Boys

    Potty training girls and boys are two different beasts. Here's a great and really helpful video on how to potty train your young boy!

    Video: Potty Training in 3 Days

  4. 4

    Potty Training Girls - How to Potty Train Girls

    Like all potty training, potty training girls is about support, encouragement and letting them know that every step they take to doing this correctly is a step forward that should be rewarded. This video on how to potty train female toddlers is helpful for any parent.

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    Potty Training INFANTS? People Do It, According to CNN...

    CNN has even weighed in on potty training and how doing so for infants may help in their development.

  6. 6

    Potty Training Tips: Potty Training in One Day?

    From, here's a great video from a potty training expert that says it's possible to potty train your child in 1 day, that's right, just one day.

    Even the news reporter in this video "isn't buying it" but it apparently works for a lot of people.

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