71 Vintage Halloween Costumes That Will Give You Nightmares Anything
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71 Vintage Halloween Costumes That Will Give You Nightmares

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Back in the day, kids just did not get the concept of masks and how to match them up to a costume. Actually, some of them bypassed the masks all together and fashioned creepy Halloween costumes out of sheets that ended up looking like assorted versions of Ku Klux Klan inspired animals and public figures. Like a Ku Klux Klown. That kind of thing used to happen on the reg.

While going out at Halloween anymore is all about hipster Halloween costumes, meme play, and terrifying Halloween masks you can buy at the Halloween store, there was a time when kids had some newspaper, glue, and paint to fashion a great Halloween costume, and they did their best with these meager supplies, which was not that great.

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    Let's learn a thing or two about the history of the Halloween costume...

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