We Shouldn't Be Laughing At This Anything

We Shouldn't Be Laughing At This

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Sometimes it's truly impossible not to laugh at the misfortune of others.
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    You Could Have Been Murdered

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    The brother is the star here and his sister's weak defense only provides him with more obnoxious fodder. Watch for the mother's snicker towards the end. Even she knows her son is pushing buttons in the funniest way.
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    Tom Cruise on Oprah

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    Actually, there's no reason to hold back the guffaws here. This is just a fantastic example of how music and special effects can enhance any scene. Because really, what happened on air that day wasn't so entirely different from this. So laugh away.
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    Donald Trump vs Rosie ODonnell

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    The editing here is what seals the deal. Quick snippets of a deliciously on-point Donal Trump beat-down of Rosie O'Donnell. There are some definite re-quotables in this clip. Should we be laughing at this? Well, he does insult her pretty thoroughly, and if she hadn't gone out and asked for it, maybe the answer would be 'no.' But either way, whether you're camp Donald or camp Rosie, there's no denying that the Trumpster has a serious knack for hurling the low blows.
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    model falling

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    This is great. Not only does the model's desperate scramble to stay upright for a second time make you wanna bust out laughing, but the two anchors watching the video, live on the air, can't help hide their hilarious reaction.
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    The show must go on. And it surely does in this Destiny's Child performance where Michelle falls just as the girls start up their routine. She jumps right back into rhythm, but the funny moment here is how both other girls, Kelly and Beyonce, simply glance down at her and keep on dancing.
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