speeches The Weirdest/Worst Oscar Acceptance Speeches Ever, Ranked  

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The Academy Awards are the highlight of the year of cinephiles. It's when the Academy honors those they see as the absolute best of the best. To even receive a nomination is a staggering accomplishment. Naturally, when the stakes are that high, and you're up on the stage accepting the award... you may not be thinking clearly. For those poor people it's traumatic, for viewers at home it's a moment to relive on YouTube forever.

Most of these weird oscar acceptance speeches had only the best intentions. Whether they decided to go too political; to express a deep, deep love for a family member; or to quote the movie for which they won, it surely all sounded good in their heads. These Oscar speech fails come from some of the best and brightest in the industry - after all, everyone has an off day.

These are the strangest, most cringeworthy, most awkward, and all-around worst Oscar speeches in Academy Awards history. Vote up the weirdest of the weird below!

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Video: YouTube
Year: 1999
Film: Girl, Interrupted
Award: Best Supporting Actress

Angelina Jolie brought her brother to the Academy Awards as her date. Cute right? Well... It would have been but she opened up her speech with, "I'm so in love with my brother right now." Not "I love my brother"; she's "IN LOVE" with her brother.

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Video: YouTube
Year: 2011
Film: The Fighter
Award: Best Supporting Actress

Leo managed to make interacting with Kirk Douglas, who presented the category, feel even stranger than it already was. Then she dropped an F-bomb and rambled for what felt like hours. To close, she went with some weird yelling about selling motion pictures. To top it all off she took Kirk Douglas's cane and acted like an old lady.

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Video: YouTube
Year: 1973
Film: The Godfather
Award: Best Lead Actor

Marlon Brando was a near shoe-in for his incredible performance as Don Corleone in The Godfather. He used the opportunity to get an important message across and sent someone close to the cause in his stead: an Apache woman who spoke clearly, succinctly, and honestly about their cause.

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Video: YouTube
Year: 1998
Film: Titanic
Award: Best Director

James Cameron's speech opens with the same general thanks and fanfare. There's even a great joke about his parents being his "original producers." He's doing a decent, if slightly boring, job until the end, when he loudly and awkwardly announces he's the "KING OF THE WORLD!" then starts wooing and yelling but with weirdly dull eyes.

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Director of Music by Prudence Is Interrupted by His Own Producer

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Video: YouTube
Year: 2009
FilmMusic By Prudence
Award: Best Documentary Short

Bet you didn't think Best Documentary Short would get a mention on this list, but it's not often someone gets full on Kanye'd at the Oscars! Director Roger Ross Williams was off to a great start, when he was joined on stage by his very own producer, Elinor Burkett (with whom he shared the award). Regardless of her status as a winner, there's no denying how strange it is to see the Oscar stage rushed and the winner interrupted. (Jump to the 4:00 mark for their category.)
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Video: YouTube
Year: 1984
Film: Terms of Endearment
Award: Best Lead Actress

Mix self love, a pinch of entitlement, and a dash of strange on stage spirituality. Shake for three minutes, and you have this crazy speech.

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Jane Fonda Can't Find the Words

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Video: YouTube
Year: 1972
Film: Klute
Award: Best Actress

Jane Fonda is known for being vocal and a spitfire. So that this speech came from her is surprising. After a healthy round of applause, she graciously glances to the audience, gets out maybe three sentences and leaves.
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Cher Loves Cher

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Video: YouTube
Year: 1988
Film: Moonstruck
Award: Best Lead Actress

According to this speech no one loves Cher as much as Cher does. She broadly thanks the whole crew, but then proceeds to thank those who made her look good, including her makeup guy who "had a lot to work with." She also thanks her fellow nominees because "she feels really really good, because they were so great."

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