What Does Your Beer Say About You? Beers
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What Does Your Beer Say About You?

So it's Guys/Girl's Night Out. You're either out at the bars, or chilling with a case. Here's what your drink choice says about you to everyone else.

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    Says; "Hey guys, I'm here to party, pound a few with my friends, and keep my eye on the Sportscenter I already watched earlier. Have you seen the label? I believe it is the sexiest looking bottle out there. Look at the splashing wave, it's like, should I surf it? Or drink it? I'm not going to spring for the $1 dollar extra import, because I love America! What? Anheuser-Busch got bought out by WHO?"

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    Says; "Me and Nick Lachey LOVE this stuff. I wish we could hang out."

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    Says; "Hey, I can handle a really dark beer. I also would LOVE to tell you about backpacking through Ireland, cause, we all know American Guinness is NOTHING like the magic Guinness they make there. Want to talk about the best hostels to stay at? I have a list of my favorites in my pocket."

  5. 5

    Says; "WHERE is my lime? I'm awesome, I wish this bar had hammocks. Let's all jetset to Cabo this weekend. Somebody better put on a Jimmy Buffet tune before I throw my flip flop at the bouncer. You hear me Senorita?"

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    Says; "I love my beer, I don't mess around with that light s**t, I'm obviously not a p***y... But why isn't there an orange in here?"

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