What Does Your Beer Say About You? Beers
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What Does Your Beer Say About You?

So it's Guys/Girl's Night Out. You're either out at the bars, or chilling with a case. Here's what your drink choice says about you to everyone else.
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    Says; "Yeah? You see that? That's my Stella... I even have a special beer glass for it... That's right... Plus, chick's love this stuff... Let's not make any mistake about it, I even pronounced it right. 'Ar-Twaa'... Say it... 'Ar-Twaa'...Did you even GO to grad school?"

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    Says; "I haven't ever heard of Pacifico, Tecate, or Modelo Especial before. I love their relaxing commercials, I would TOTALLY skip my Blackberry across the ocean like a rock too... Uno mas!"

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    Says; "GO PATS!!!! Oh my god, is that Tom Brady? I wish Brady was here so I could buy him a wicked sweet Sam Adams and we could drink to this wicked sweet baaahhhhr"

    Keep it in the Northeast.

  5. 15
    Says, "I'm either 75 years old, or I'm going ice fishing."

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