What Kinds of Gifts Would Your Boyfriend Like? Anything
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What Kinds of Gifts Would Your Boyfriend Like?

Now that you know you're dating my boyfriend, you probably want to get him a gift. But what kind of gift would he like? This is the comprehensive guide to shopping for the man who has all the socks he could ever possibly need.

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    hot dog cart and trailer

    Next to a lion, what your boyfriend really wants is a hot dog cart and trailer. He loves trailers, he really loves hot dogs, and he's an entrepreneur. Why not make his day - nay, his year - with a lovely hot dog cart and trailer? If he doesn't love you already, he'll love you good when he sees this hot dog!

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    Miracle fruit

    Your boyfriend has always wondered whether he could pull off being a hipster, and if there's one thing that hipsters the country over were into for a month or two last year, it's miracle fruit! Give your man a leg up on the competition by buying him a miracle fruit tree!

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    Your boyfriend wants to make you happy, and he knows that the onliest thing in the world that can do that is a pony. So next time you're out shopping for his birthday, why not take some weight off your boy's shoulders - get yourself a pony! You deserve it!

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    paper plates

    Your boyfriend loves anything disposable - paper towels, toilet paper, lysol pre-moistened wipes, powerade zero bottles - but what he really loves is paper plates. Go out and get him a big pack of the nice kind in the design of your choice, and leave one on his chair with a turkey sandwich. He'll give you a big kiss when he's done eating the sandwich!

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    What your boyfriend wants above all things but one is a lion. They're cute, they're cuddly, they wrestle, and they'll protect you whenever he's away! Do the both of you a favor and get your man a lion cub right away!

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    At the end of the day, what your boyfriend really wants is socks. White haines socks, and the more the better. What a lovey buddy!

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