What Should Canada's National Food Be? Foods
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What Should Canada's National Food Be?

With our country's birthday fast approaching, CBC News is on a mission to find out what one food is the most Canadian.

Vote now, and come back to cbc.ca/community on July 27th to find out which one dish our readers democratically decide upon as the most Canadian.
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    Did you know that Canada produces 85 per cent of the world's maple syrup? It's used to flavour ... more
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    new! Poutine

    Once a regional, French-Canadian dish, fries topped with cheese-curds and gravy can be found ... more
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    Nanaimo bars

    Nanaimo Bars are one of Canada's most popular desserts. The no-bake, three layered buttercream ... more
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    Butter Tarts

    This sweet pastry is thought to have been invented during Canada's pioneer days in Barrie, ... more
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    Popular in British Columbia, this delicacy consists of a salmon fillet that has been cured and ... more
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    Tourtiere is a double-crusted meat pie originating from Quebec. Lightly spiced, it is usually ... more
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    Saskatoon Berries

    This is the second largest commercial fruit crop on the Canadian Prairies, and according to ... more
  8. 8
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    Bannock is a flat quick bread cooked from grain. The bread is found throughout North American ... more
  9. 9
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    Bison burgers

    Reputed to be a flavourful, tender, lean red meat alternative, Canadian bison meat can be ... more
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    Lobster roll

    This popular east-coast sandwich contains the fresh cooked meat of a lobster, tossed with ... more

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