When Boobs Attack! 7 Stories of Deadly Breasts Anything
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When Boobs Attack! 7 Stories of Deadly Breasts

From an Israeli model who got bit by a snake and killed it with the poison in her fake bitches to a guy who tried to kill his mom to buy breast implants for his girlfriend, here are the craziest times that a pair of bitches has ever been deadly leading to tragedy, near-death experiences or murder.

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    This Jerk's Hilarious Manboobs Made Him Kill People

    Sidney Cornwell is a crip. He's also a killer. A really lucky killer. He and his other crip buddies (that's what they call each other, right?) were hunting for a member of a rival gang (who nobody on earth knows the name of) when the booberific Cornwell opened fire on a porch full of people who might know the person they were looking for. Might.

    Tragically, he accidentally killed a three-year-old in the process. And it's not like that previous entry where the whole accidental part is going to get this guy off a sentence, he accidentally killed someone for f*cking shooting into a crowd.

    So where do the boobs come in?

    Well, this guy apparently had a case of Klinefelter's Syndrome, which basically gives people "b*tch t*ts" like that guy in Fight Club due to an extra X chromosome in their DNA (that's the girly one.) The judge didn't know about Milkjugs McPokeyShirt's condition at the time, so the Governor pardoned his death sentence to just life in prison with no chance of parole.

    He was apparently able to blame the entire incident on psychological issues from his Klinefelter's Syndrome from being bullied way too much as a child due to his round, supple and perky breasts.

    At least this jerk is serving a life sentence. Hopefully they make him run a lot.


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