Where I Was When I Heard... Anything
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Where I Was When I Heard...

And where were you?

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    Assasination of John F Kennedy

    I have no idea. I was only two years old at the time.
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    1994 Northridge Earthquake

    My wife and I were in bed in Valencia, California, just north of the downed freeways in this picture. I was awakened by the shaking and immediately rolled over on to my wife and away from the sliding glass doors next to the bed. We both continued to tumble to the floor. At some point between the start of the shaking and when we sat up on the floor, our dog Maggie had burrowed between us under the blankets.
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    Death Of Kurt Cobain

    On vacation at my mother-in-law's in the Atlanta area. We had retired to bed and were watching the evening news. Believe it or not, it was the very last story of the newscast - pretty much an afterthought. Not a big news story at all to the folks of Atlanta. The teasers throughout the newscast told us to stay tuned to hear about a "punk rock" singer who died.
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    The First Time I Saw Bruce Springsteen

    November 3, 1981 - Los Angeles Sports Arena. Front Row. This was the second leg of The River tour. I had become immersed in Bruce Springsteen during my freshman year of college, after being a casual fan since the 1978 release of Darkness. "The River" and many lonely nights in my dorm room put me over the top. I scored a pair of front-row center seats from my friend at the arena box office. I took my friend John with me - driving up from San Diego - on a school night no less. And even though I had a mid-term in my Journalism 101 class the next morning, I was not going to miss this opportunity. Needless to say, the show was incredible - one of his better ones by all accounts. In my memory, it was over five hours, but in reality is was just over three - but who's to argue. By the time we got on the road back to San Diego, it was pushing 1am. I remember being completely spent and barely able to stay awake for the drive back to school, where we arrived after 3am. Needless to say, I could not pull myself out of bed to take a 9am Journalism midterm, so I ended up failing the class. It was definitely worth it!
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    OJ Simpson Verdict

    I was working in Cleveland, Ohio at the time. I was at a shopping mall visiting a record store with a co-worker. We saw a crowd gathered around a store window watching a TV inside. That is where I watched to verdict being read. Check out the disgust in Robert Kardashian's face in the picture.
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    Death of Michael Jackson

    I saw a breaking news alert on my computer stating that paramedics were called to Michael Jackson's home. My boss and I were just getting ready to leave for a meeting at Universal/Fontana about 10 miles away. By the time we got to the meeting, the office was abuzz with the news. Part way through the meeting, someone came in to announce that MJ was dead.
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