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White Castle Secret Menu Items

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There's more to 'White Castle' than the place that Harold and Kumar went after they had too much ganja. Beyond the sliders and shakes, there's a secret menu that only die hard White Castle lovers, or "Cravers", know about. These White Castle secret menu items include special dipping sauces, ways to add bacon to your order, and special combos you probably didn't know existed.

What are the best items on the White Castle secret menu? What are the best off menu items at White Castle? Armed with the information on this list of White Castle secret menu items, you'll be able to walk into your local White Castle and order like a champion. Or a stoner. Regardless, you'll be walking away with a bag full of White Castle deliciousness.
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    Bacon Crumbles

    Bacon makes everything better. Apparently, this is a sentiment shared by White Castle executives who introduced the Bacon crumbles during a recent limited time menu offering.

    Customers were given a chance to top their Bacon/Cheddar slider, Bacon/Ranch Slider, or Loaded Fries with thick-cut bacon crumbles.

    Hey, if you can put bacon in chocolate bars, why not top sliders with these delicious bits of goodness?
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    Harold and Kumar's Order

    After the awesomely funny movie 'Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle' made its way into theaters in 2004, you couldn't hit up a White Castle without thinking of the funny duo. But, what if you just want to order what your favorite stoners ordered at their burger shrine?

    Harold: I want 30 sliders, 5 french fries, and 4 large cherry cokes.
    Kumar: I want the same except make mine diet cokes.

    Pepto Bismol sold separately.
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    Loaded Fries

    White Castle knows how much you love french fries, bacon, ranch, and cheese sauce. So, they decided to mix them all together in this limited time menu offering. Wait for it...Loaded fries.

    Yes, this side dish features White Castle's traditional french fries smothered with bacon, ranch, and cheese sauce. And it's a hit amongst "Cravers" a.k.a. (die hard White Castle fans)

    Don't forget the antacids, and then bring it on!
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    Meat-Free Cheese Slider

    Hey there, vegetarians, don't feel left out of the White Castle experience. There's a slider here for you as well which is simply a slice of cheese melted in between that soft White Castle bread. Men's Health gives a recommendation to get one of these bad boys without meat and just ask for a container of marinara.

    Total calories: 100 cals for the burger and 15 cals for the sauce.

    That's less than a container of fruit-sweetened yogurt. Just sayin'
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    Surf and Turf Sliders with Cheese

    Who doesn't love a delicious surf n' turf meal? Well, the folks at White Castle thought they'd give this old favorite a whirl and came up with the 'Surf and Turf sandwich' which consists of fried fish and beef neatly packed between several layers of bread. Fried fish and beef. Wanna try it?
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    Sweet Potato Fries with Sweet Cinnamon Sauce

    As a limited time item, sweet potato fries were a popular addition to the White Castle menu during the holiday season. The sweet potato fries also come with a gooey cinnamon dipping sauce that you don't actually need because the fries are perfectly delicious on their own.

    Prices are $2.19 for a regular order and $3.99 for the sack. Yum.
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