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dating Reasons Guys Go After Girls Who Wear Lipstick  

Jordan Love
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A girl who wears lipstick is strong, independent, and doesn't need you to tell her she looks good. She often keeps to herself, but when you're in her inner circle, she's ride or die. She's competitive as f*ck, and she's not afraid of hard work. A girl who wears lipstick is many things, but one thing she isn't? Not to be messed with. 


They know what they like.

A girl who wears lipstick knows what she likes - and has a good eye for it. She doesn't mess around and waste time being indecisive. When she finds something she likes, she isn't going to make you guess. She'll tell you straight up.

They aren't afraid to be honest with you.

A girl who wears lipstick will give you the truth, straight up. She's bold, isn't afraid to tell it like it is, and she makes everyone around her better because of it.

... but they'll stand up for you.

A girl who wears lipstick is headstrong, fearsome, and stands up for what she believes in - and it's hot. She's ride or die. She knows how to be assertive and take charge. She'll stand up for you in any situation, as long as you deserve it. And she's not afraid to call you out if you're in the wrong.

They aren't afraid of hard work.

A girl who wears lipstick isn't afraid to work for what she wants. She knows that you don't just get things handed to you on a silver platter, so takes the challenge of getting what she wants head on. She's willing to go the extra mile, because that's just who she is.